BVR academics: Creating instructional videos to teach DNA

BVRacademics: DNA + replication

Class: Biology Applications: DNA and Genetics
Grade: 11th and 12th
Teacher: Alison Livingston

To demonstrate their knowledge of DNA structures and replication, students created educational videos for middle school-age students. Their assignment was to take a complex subject matter and simplify it so that someone without any knowledge of the topic could understand the very basics. For her deliverable, senior Aoife Keefe created and illustrated an animated short. Alison Livingston, the class’s teacher (and Science Department Head), said, “Aoife told me that at first, she wasn’t excited about the assignment—until she realized she could use an animation app (Procreate) that turned her art into a video. That completely changed her perspective. Using her love of art, she was able to further her understanding of science and create something truly amazing and educational. I’m impressed with the high quality and creativity of the video.”

I knew this assignment would be the perfect opportunity for me to practice my art and animation skills while taking a complicated topic and turning it into a product I felt proud of.  It cemented my confidence in my knowledge and I enjoyed the process the entire time. Beaver has always made interdisciplinary learning possible and valid, allowing me creative freedom in my courses and my love for learning to grow.

—Aoife Keefe ’20

Watch the video below:

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