In order for students to acquire a new language, students need to hear, read, and understand it a lot. To achieve this, we maximize students’ exposure to Chinese, French or Spanish through comprehensible language, including oral, written, and visual storytelling. We focus on the instruction and use of the high frequency vocabulary, words that are the most commonly used in the language which can be used across many different situations.

Students read books and interesting articles, watch videos, co-create stories, act out stories, listen to songs, and talk about the message in the language. This way, students also learn about the culture and geography organically, using the language students know.

By keeping the conversations and stories compelling, the learner is distracted from consciously trying to memorize vocabulary. As students get plenty of exposure to their new language, they are encouraged to use their language skills to engage in activities, talk about themselves, and share their ideas. We strive to create an immersion environment that is comfortable, fun, and accessible to all learners!