Upper School Musical: Mamma Mia

Preparation for Beaver’s upcoming Upper School musical has involved more sequin jumpsuits, ABBA music, and Greek island scenery than ever before. Of course, this could only mean one thing: Mamma Mia!

Students have been hard at work on and off stage preparing for the debut of Mamma Mia on Thursday, May 16. For many, excitement for the show has been building for a long time. “People have wanted to do this show since I was in 7th grade,” backstage technician Lane Araujo ’24 mentions. “We’re finally getting to do it!”

The musical, which tells the story of a young woman’s search for her birth father through ABBA’s top hits, is an explosion of color and energy on stage. In one scene, a girl group reunites after decades for a one-time performance. In the next, a hoard of beach-goers dance in bright yellow scuba diving fins. Each scene is more exciting–and hilarious–than the last, immersing the audience in the world of Mamma Mia.

I’m really excited for there to be an audience of people who grew up with ABBA and know “Mamma Mia” really well. I’m also excited for people to experience what a Beaver musical is like for the first time.

-Justin White ’24

A big challenge of the show lies within the expansive catalogue of ABBA music. With each song, background vocals and complex harmonies warrant on and off stage singing, a balancing act that the cast has spent weeks perfecting. “We’ve worked really really hard all term,” actor Robin Murphy ’24 says. “It’s all going to come together to make something really special that we’re excited to show the community.”

Performances of Mamma Mia will take place at Beaver on May 16, 17, and 18 at 7 p.m. in Bradley Hall. Tickets can be purchased here.

Cast (in order of appearance):
Sophie Sheridan: Mia Kelley
Lisa/Ensemble: Leili Singer
Ali/Ensemble: Reagan Coughlin
Chloe/Ensemble: Xiao-Mei Casado
Tanya Cresham-Leigh: Kate LaGatta
Rosie Mulligan: Orli Azoulay
Donna Sheridan: Avery Moss
Sky/Ensemble: Robin Murphy
Pepper/Ensemble: Aidan Emmons
Eddie/Ensemble: Owen Eddy
Harry Bright: Tyler Reif
Bill Austin: Justin White
Sam Carmichael: Wilson Baker
Father Alexandrios/Ensemble: Henry Diver

Ensemble Members:
Zarra Burke
Elliz Chara
Lily Chorev
Mabel Forkner
Alex Fox
Jamie Hagerty
Nora McBride
Analis Mendez
Ava Restuccia
Jules Todd
Owen Walton

Stage Manager:
Marin Reeds

Lane Araujo
Wren Coe-Rohl
Annalisa DePina
Jaden Huang
Rushi Morrow
Charlie Scott
Bradley Stone

Caroline Dies
Clara Esrick
Jackie Guerrier
Rachel Jean-Mary
Anisa Singh
Kayla Toussaint

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