Answers to the most commonly asked questions about Beaver athletics are answered here. If you’d like to learn more, please fill out our BVR Athletics Inquiry Form.

What is Beaver's athletic philosophy?

The philosophy of our athletic program is in line with our overall mission, which is to bring out the best in all students. Students at all levels are expected to put forth their very best effort and to represent Beaver with pride and good sportsmanship.

At the Middle School level, our competitive philosophy focuses on development, collaboration, and fun. Students come to Beaver with all different levels of skill and ability. We encourage our coaches to teach the basic fundamentals associated with each sport in a fun manner. We want our Middle School students to understand what it means to work together towards a common goal and support their teammates. All students will play in competitions; but not on an equal basis. The coach will determine the appropriate rotation to allow each player time in a game.

At the Upper School sub-varsity levels, we stress participation by all, yet when given the opportunity to succeed, the coach should put their most skilled players in the game. We encourage the coaches to build a strong foundation, as these programs are the grassroots of our most competitive varsity level.
The varsity level is our highest level of competitive interscholastic sports. The varsity programs look to compete and have success. This may mean that a student does not play in a game, but is still an important and valued member of that team.

Which team sports are offered each season?

Middle School – Fall
Cross Country (co-ed)
Field Hockey (F)
Soccer (M/F)

Middle School – Winter
Basketball (M/F)
Wrestling (co-ed)
Hockey (M/F) (With Upper School team)
Fencing (co-ed with Upper School team)

Middle School – Spring
Baseball (M)
Lacrosse (M/F)
Softball (F)
Tennis (co-ed)
JV Ultimate Frisbee (With Upper School team)

Upper School – Fall
Cross Country (M/F)
Field Hockey (F)
Soccer (M/F)
Volleyball (F)
Golf (co-ed)
Fencing (M/F)
Strength and Conditioning
Yoga and Self Defense (Martial Arts)
Fitness Adventure Series – (rotating sessions of activities such as high ropes courses, rock wall, kayaking, etc.)

Upper School – Winter
Basketball (M/F)
Fencing (M/F)
Squash (M/F)
Wrestling (co-ed)
Ice Hockey (M/F)
13.1 Running Club
Strength and Conditioning
Yoga & Self Defense (Martial Arts)

Upper School – Spring
Baseball (M)
Lacrosse (M/F)
Softball (F)
Tennis (M/F)
Ultimate Frisbee (co-ed)
Strength and Conditioning
Yoga and Self Defense (Martial Arts)
Fitness Adventure Series (rotating sessions of activities such as high ropes course, rock wall, kayaking, and etc.)

What is the athletic requirement?

Middle school students must sign up for an afternoon activity all three terms and must participate in an athletic activity (an interscholastic team sport) one out of the three terms.

  • Ninth and tenth graders must sign up for an afternoon activity all three terms and must participate in at least one fitness activity per year.
  • Eleventh and twelfth graders must sign up for an afternoon activity two of the three terms and must participate in one fitness activity at least one term a year.
  • Most students exceed the requirement. Students can also receive credit toward their athletic requirement by acting as a team manager for a season.

Beaver belongs to the Eastern Independent League (EIL). Our league opponents are: Bancroft, Berwick, Chapel Hill, Concord Academy, Dana Hall, Landmark, Lexington Christian, Newton Country Day, Pingree, Portsmouth Abbey, and Winsor. Our varsity teams also compete against non-league opponents such as Dexter/Southfield, Providence Country Day, Rivers, Nobles, Thayer, Wheeler, Belmont Hill, Brooks, and Worcester Academy.

What is the tryout process and are there cuts?

Tryouts take place at the beginning of each season. Tryouts for Upper School sports take place during the preseason week before classes; Middle School tryouts take place during the regular school day at the start of each season. There are no cuts in middle school, but students may be placed on an A or B team (for soccer and basketball) based on their level of skill. In the Upper School, all teams will be based on skill and ability, not the student’s grade year seniority. Depending on the number of students who try out, there may be cuts based on skill level assessed during the pre-season.

If I’ve never played a particular sport before, can I still try out for the team?

Our athletic program seeks to develop the skills of all athletes regardless of the level at which they begin. While we endeavor to field the most competitive teams possible, we encourage broad participation and value sportsmanship, teamwork, and effort as much as winning. Middle school students are encouraged to try new sports, and many go on to become varsity athletes in the upper school. New participants are welcome additions to the US athletics program, usually to the JV or thirds teams, and playing time is not guaranteed for all team members in all games.

When do seasons start and end?

The Upper School athletic season begins in the fall with preseason practices, which typically begin a week prior to the start of classes. All Upper School athletes are required to attend these preseason tryouts. The fall season runs until the first week in November. Winter sports begin the second Monday in November and finish at the end of February. The spring season begins the first week of March and ends the third week in May.

In the Middle School, fall athletics begin after the start of classes, winter begins after Thanksgiving break, and spring starts a week before spring break.

Where do I find information on practice & game schedules, bus return times and cancellations?

The complete game schedule for all teams may be found by visiting the Team page on the website and selecting a team.

To find a schedule of practices for each team, visit the Parents page. You will find a link to “Schedule Grid” — a spreadsheet that contains updated game and practice information including practice locations. You will also find a link to the “Team Calendars” – you can sync to your personal calendar. This schedule is updated often, so be sure to check it regularly for the latest information.

For away games, the time the team bus will return to Beaver can be found on the “Teams and Schedules page” by team. It is labeled “More info” underneath the game information. The return time is an estimate and could change based on traffic or other factors.

Where can I find directions to away games or off-campus home fields?

Visit the Directions to Games page of the website for a Google map of all home and away locations with customizable directions.

When a sport requires it, we utilize off-campus practice and home game facilities. The following is a list of those sites:

  • Soule Fields – upper and lower fields
  • Putterham Golf Course
  • Baker Tennis Courts
  • Mount Ida College Tennis Courts
  • Pine Manor College Tennis Courts
  • Longwood Tennis Courts
  • Daily Ice Arena
  • BU Walter Brown Arena

There are times when traveling to away games that a field may be off site and we do not have that specific address.  We will do our best to list addresses of those field locations.

How are students transported to and from away games and off-campus games and practices?

Beaver provides transportation to and from games and off-campus practice facilities. Students are not permitted to drive to a game without written permission from a parent. The written permission must be filed with the athletic director at least 24 hours prior to the game.

For away games, parents may take their son or daughter home directly from the game. Before a student leaves a site, parents/guardians need to make a visual/verbal contact with the coach so that he or she can confirm the athlete’s dismissal.

When a team must travel off-campus for practice each day, students may drive themselves with written permission from a parent. Students are not permitted to drive other students.

What medical forms do I need to submit to be able to play a sport?

Every student must submit a completed Parental Consent Health Form and a completed physician’s health form each year. These are the same forms that are required by the school nurse for all Beaver students. The athletic trainer will ensure that each student-athlete has a completed form on file prior to participation in a sport. The forms must be on file for a student to participate in the fall preseason practices. If a student does not have the proper forms on file, he or she will not be allowed to participate in practices or games.

In the Upper School all athletes are expected to take a baseline concussion test through ImPact Testing. This is a cognitive assessment that is used as a tool to measure the time frame for re-entering into athletics if a concussion is diagnosed. A parental permission form is required and is available from Magnus Health forms.

Is it possible to obtain a waiver for participating in competitive sports outside of school?

Please direct questions about whether your child may be able to qualify for a waiver for participating in a sport outside of school for the US to the Athletic Director, and for MS, the MS Associate Director.

What is the policy on team uniforms and equipment?

All members of a team are issued uniforms (some teams have blue uniforms for home games and white for away games). Uniforms are issued by the school at no charge. It is each student’s responsibility to return all pieces of the uniform to the coach after the last game. Students who do not return their uniforms at the end of each season will be charged $100 per item.

Personal equipment is the responsibility of the individual student. A complete list of equipment needed is listed below. Proper shoes or cleats for all sports are the student’s responsibility.

Players need to provide:

  • Field Hockey: Stick, shin guards & tall socks, mouth guard. Protective goggles are optional (not required by the EIL conference).
  • Soccer: Shin Guards, tall socks, and mouth guards
  • Golf: Clubs
  • Wrestling: Knee pads and protective headgear
  • Volleyball: Knee pads
  • Boys lacrosse: Gloves, stick, elbow & shoulder pads, mouth guard (helmet provided by school)
  • Girls lacrosse: Stick, goggles, mouth guard
  • Baseball/softball: Glove, spikes/cleats
  • Tennis: Racket
  • Squash: Racket. Goggles required for girls.
  • Yoga: Mat
  • Fencing: School provides everything needed (except shoes)
  • Ice hockey: skates, pads, stick, gloves

What is the policy on attendance at practices and games?

Athletes must attend team practices every day that they attend school.

The coach must receive advance notice if a student is unable to attend a practice or game. The coach should be informed of an absence directly by the student and a parent. An unexcused absence may result in disciplinary action. We ask that all non-urgent medical appointments and outside lessons be scheduled so as not to conflict with practice and game times.

What is the policy on excuses for a sports injury and resumption of activities?

If a student suffers an injury or an illness and is consequently unable to continue practicing or competing on a team, the following policies apply:

1. The coach and the athletic department must be notified.

2. The athletic trainer (ext. 153) must be notified when the athlete is unable to participate.

3. Students must attend team practices every day that they attend school. In order for students to be eligible to play in games or matches, they must be able to participate in practice 24 hours prior to a game. Exceptions will be made for illness, students completing academic work or undergoing rehabilitation during practice.

4. Once they have been restricted from participation or diagnosed by a physician, students will not be allowed to return to participation from an injury without written clearance from a physician. If a physician sets such restrictions, that physician or the medical equivalent must give clearance for return to play; the student must submit a medical clearance form to the nurse or trainer before resumption of athletic activities. No exceptions. A relative who is a physician cannot provide clearance.

5. If a student provides two different medical opinions and the diagnoses or return to participation dates are also different, contact information must be provided for both physicians. The athletic trainer will contact both medical parties and make a decision as to which decision to uphold. A student will not be able to participate in this situation until the physicians have been contacted.

6. If the athletic trainer or coach determines that the athlete’s safety is still at risk, either one may reserve the right to restrict a student from participation.

If you have questions about these policies, contact the Athletic Trainer (ext. 153) or the Director of Athletics (ext. 151).

How does Beaver honor outstanding athletes?

The athletic department honors athletes in many ways:

Beaver Junior/Senior Awards
The awards are given to two Juniors and two seniors who have demonstrated the highest skill level in interscholastic competition. They have distinguished themselves not only on the playing fields with talent and good sportsmanship but in their day-to-day relationships with classmates, other students, and faculty, as well as honor, cooperation, friendly encouragement and commitment to the athletic department.

Middle School Team Awards
At the end of each of the three seasons, during the last practice of the season, each the middle school coach will discuss highlights from the season.

Upper School Team Awards
At the end of each of the three seasons, during the last practice of the season, each Upper School team will have an independent ceremony. The coach will discuss highlights from the season and also present awards to recognize exceptional performance (MVP) or overall contribution and sportsmanship (Coaches Award).

Whom should a parent contact with questions about team policies?

Start by contacting the team’s head coach. Every coach is assigned an e-mail address (listed on the team’s web page). Issues that cannot be resolved directly with the coach may be brought to the attention of the Athletic Director.