We seek talented faculty and staff to be a part of a culture dedicated to innovating education. We challenge our students to be knowledgeable, savvy, creative, confident leaders. We believe our teachers make the difference; our salaries are in the top 5 percent of New England Independent Schools reflecting that.


We are deeply committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community.

We recognize the unique experiences some underrepresented students may have at independent schools, and we work diligently to promote success for all students. Through a broad range of activities and programming, we help students affirm identity, build community, and cultivate leadership skills. Throughout their time at Beaver, students have access to teachers, administrators, and staff who support them—and learn and grow alongside them. Empathy for other viewpoints is imperative for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive school.

“I know firsthand the enormous impact of not having a teacher who shared my identity when I was a student. At Beaver, I’m able to bring all of my identities to work. Specifically, in the history classroom, I get to disrupt the dominant narrative students have been exposed to for most of their lives. By centering the voices of those who have been marginalized and underrepresented in the historical narrative, all of my students experience and see all of history and not some of it.

— YOLANDA WILCOX GONZALEZ, Global History Department Head + History Teacher

It is all our responsibility to build this type of environment. As a potential member of the Beaver community, you will have the same responsibility.


BVR students are active participants in the learning process.

Our curriculum is based on a pedagogical approach that engages students in real-world experiences. We are teaching them in the context of the world they are living in today, and we are challenging them to demonstrate their grasp of subject matter through meaningful work. This unique approach creates a tremendous advantage: students build independence through learning structure and accountability; they also grow as critical thinkers who embrace exploring new subjects and are able to creatively and thoughtfully apply information.

From day one, students are connected with a team of teachers and advisors who help them create personal benchmarks and goals and who give them the structure they need to reach their highest aspirations. This gives us an objective way to assess the quality of each student’s individual work and is an impetus for students to push themselves further.


BVR Faculty are committed to the art and science of teaching.

Educational practices are always evolving, so there is a fluidity to how we approach teaching. We are continuously re-examining and rethinking our approach to teaching for learning.

We believe teachers should have an active role in designing and carrying out their professional development, and we invest in those opportunities. Our faculty attend and present at conferences across the country and globe (see some recent places we’ve been below) and have time dedicated each week to exchange experiences and ideas, share best practices, and debate new ideologies.

This collaborative culture ensures our teachers have access to—and training on—the ever-evolving tools and techniques critical to being an extraordinary educator. By being in tune with new advancements in teaching, our faculty are empowered to try new things to help students push themselves in a well-supported environment. As a result, our students are being led by best-in-class faculty. [/toggle]

Working at Beaver

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  • Our Campus: Chestnut Hill, Mass. is less than ten miles from downtown Boston. Check out our tour page to explore a digital twin of our campus, take a virtual tour, and hear from students about their favorite places at Beaver.
  • What others have to say about Beaver.  Here are some highlights from the press on our students, their work, our mindset, and our space.

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