The Apocalypse Project

November 11, 12, 13 at 7 p.m.

Upper School Fall Play 2021

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More about The Apocalypse Project
Playwright: Briandaniel Oglesby

On the Altierra compound in Texas, young T dreams of the internet returning so she can be a YouTuber and document her generation. When a crisis expels a group, she joins the exiles on a trek across the broken land. This group faces constant danger as they search for safe-harbor—and possibly the answer to the question of what happened—at the rumored New Eden.

This is a play about what happens when the young are left to deal with the disasters in a world they didn’t create.

Along the way, the crew experience a strange and yet recognizable landscape. They encounter an authoritarian farm, anarchist Firestarters, feral children, Sad Disneyland, and ruined hometowns.

There are moments of intensity and plenty of humor in this play that is about climate change, social change, coming-of-age, immigration, and the current moment.

About the playwright

Briandaniel Oglesby is an award-winning playwright, dramaturg, writing coach, and teaching artist. He is half Latino and queer, and he writes plays for teens and plays for mature audiences. While his work for mature audiences comes from a singular artistic vision, his Theatre-for-Teens frequently uses an ensemble-based script-building process.