The Chamber Ensemble

The Chamber Ensemble performs jointly with the choir in three performances each year – the fall, winter, and spring concerts. The Ensemble also performs alone during a fourth concert. Additionally, small groups or soloists from the Ensemble play for various special functions throughout the year, and the Ensemble has even given the occasionally impromptu concert in the halls of Beaver. The goal of the Ensemble is to improve students’ skills in playing orchestral instruments and music while performing a fun and challenging repertoire for the school community.


Beaver’s Choral Music Program, in conjunction with the Chamber Ensemble, presents three concerts during the school year. The upper school chorus performs in every concert with one of the three middle school choruses. Each chorus studies music of different styles and time periods, and the group rehearses and presents works from a wide variety of genres, fostering a respect for different cultures and philosophies. Chorus members also perform at various school events, special events within the community, and singers attend Gospel Fest, an annual workshop and concert with several other schools.

Jazz Bands

Beaver’s jazz program addresses a variety of musical styles and student skill levels. Introductory classes create a strong foundation for the jazz player, improving musicianship and the ability to play in an ensemble setting. Moving forward, students continue developing skills in music reading, jazz theory and work on various levels of improvising. These skills are developed in ensembles that perform a jazz repertoire drawing from a variety of styles such as: blues, swing, Latin jazz, funk, and pop music. Each student will perform in two formal concerts a year and may play for all-school meetings, special assemblies and events.