Middle School

As part of our Choral and Instrumental Music curriculum all students learn how to play an instrument or sing in an ensemble – or hone their skills if they are already accomplished musicians. Using orchestra and chorus as a model for collaboration, students learn technique and musicianship skills through practicing and rehearsing a range of repertoire.  In addition, students can further their music education during Afternoon Activities by participating in advanced instrumental ensembles or the musical.

Upper School 

The Upper School offers an eclectic range of instrumental and choral ensembles for students of all levels. Theory and technical skills are woven throughout all courses and applied to each performance. With a focus on ensemble work, students strengthen their music skills while learning to work both as leaders and as productive members of a team. The courses culminate in five concerts throughout the year both on and off campus.  Past off campus venues include Ryles Jazz Club and Berklee College of Music. In the afternoon program, students can participate in the fall band or the musical.