Middle School is the perfect time for young minds to begin the modern education. We challenge and nurture academic, interpersonal, athletic and artistic development in a supportive environment. Students learn to access and analyze information and to articulate their own clear point of view. They leave middle schools as strong independent learners and creative problem solvers.

Through a clearly defined curriculum, Middle School students are expected to develop stronger writing, speaking and quantitative skills. Recognizing that both developmental and learning differences exist, we strive to give individual support while maintaining high academic standards. In light of the fact that the middle school years are a time of tremendous personal and intellectual change, we believe students will grow through their failures as well as through their successes.

Students in grades 6-8 are required to participate in the Afternoon Program all three terms and can choose among the extracurricular activities, an interscholastic sport (at least one term a year is required), theater or music program or a visual arts course.

A curriculum that fosters personal growth

A building block approach that emphasizes the repetition of vital academic and real-life skills marks the signature projects that are rites of passage in each Middle School year. The emphasis on time management, research skills, writing, oral presentation, and graphic display that permeates these long-term assignments does more than make project-based learning a reality; such comprehensive projects prepare our students for success in high school and well beyond.