The Art Department consists of three separate disciplines of artistic and personal expression: Visual Arts, Drama, and Music. These distinct disciplines introduce students to the basic vocabulary of the art forms and illustrate the constant dialogue between the arts and our society. Each member of the department strives to teach fundamental skills while also stressing the theories and concepts that accompany these skills.

All students must complete twenty full credits within the department by the end of their sophomore year. This requirement may be met by taking two full years of a given field of study or by sampling a variety of disciplines within the departmental electives.

Independent Study

Students have the opportunity to explore English, History, Mathematics, Science, Language, or Arts topics of interest under the supervision of a member of the appropriate department. After designing a project with a faculty member, the student presents a formal proposal to the Department Heads for approval. (An Independent Study may not duplicate the content of another course already being offered by the department because of schedule conflicts.) The student works in his or her own time and meets with the specified department member during one scheduled period per week for discussions and planning. Application forms are available from the Upper School Director. Proposals must have been submitted by the regular course selection dates.

Video Production

If you want to learn to make a short film, this class is for you. Short films are often created for screening at film festivals; they are experimental and can be unconventional in style. In this class, you will generate ideas for your film, learn to capture and edit video footage, as well as record and mix sound. Our class discussions consist of viewing, analyzing, and sharing ideas and inspiration from selective popular films, art films, and youth made video.

Open to 10th, 11th and 12th graders.
No prerequisites.

Visual Art

In this class you will have the opportunity to work in all the visual art studios and with all the visual art faculty. Identify your own artistic interests, build on past creative experiences, and develop the technical skills you need to make your ideas visible. Instruction will cover a range of materials, tools, and techniques. Regular discussion of The World of Art and Art History will provide context for our work. Critiques, documentation, and presentation will be essential elements of the class, with an emphasis on both process and product. Try something new or pursue your lifelong passion.


This class may be taken more than once. No prerequisite

Visual Arts: Studio Practice

Culminating with the annual Senior Show, this class creates the community, structure, and space for the most serious artists to pursue their own work. Students taking this class have shown to be independent, dedicated artists who are prepared to bring their own personal interests to the class. No projects are assigned. Group critiques, research in contemporary art, readings, and documentation of the creative process will be major elements of the course.

Prerequisite: Open to 10th, 11th, 12th graders per recommendation by the Visual Art Department.
10th and 11th grades can take one or two terms, 12th graders must take both terms.