BVR Faculty are committed to the art & science of teaching.

Educational practices are always evolving (or, they should be), so there is a fluidity to how we approach teaching. We are continuously re-examining and rethinking our approach to teaching and learning.

We believe teachers should have an active role in designing and carrying out their professional development, and we invest in those opportunities. An example of that mindset is the Beaver Faculty Institute, an annual all-day conference that is planned and hosted by Beaver faculty and features speakers and workshops that inform and inspire. Our faculty also attend and present at conferences across the country (and sometimes the globe!) and have time dedicated each week to exchange experiences and ideas, share best practices, and debate new ideologies.

This collaborative culture ensures our teachers have access to—and training on—the ever-evolving tools and techniques critical to being an extraordinary educator. By being in tune with new advancements in teaching, our faculty is empowered to try new things to help students push themselves in a well-supported environment. As a result, our students are being led by best-in-class faculty.

We consistently hear feedback from our partners and from colleges who are increasingly impressed with the creative mindset and determination BVR students possess.