US Weekly Wrap-Up: 05.10.24

Here is a short wrap-up from this past week—May 6 through May 10—in the Upper School.

Advanced Chinese students took a field trip to Chinatown to kick off the week. Students explored Chinatown through a scavenger hunt, joined a Chinatown tour led by the Asian Community Development Corporation, and finished the trip with Chinese food at a local restaurant.

Talia Frumkin ’25 and Maya Bitton ’25 were awarded with a PIN Community Service Award at a ceremony on Tuesday. The two juniors received the award for their work creating and leading Streets to Stability: A Future Without Homelessness in Boston, a BVR Accelerator course that ran earlier this year.

At an US Meeting on Wednesday, candidates for the Student Council Executive Board delivered speeches to their peers. Candidates included:

  • Christopher Anderson ’26 (candidate for Director of Communications)
  • Cha Cha Cohen ’26 (candidate for Director of Communications)
  • Gus Shea ’26 (candidate for Director of Communications)
  • Trey Walters ’25 (candidate for Director of Communications)
  • Alex Chang ’25 (candidate for Treasurer)
  • Zack Gross ’25 (candidate for Treasurer)
  • Piera Lebed ’25 (candidate for Treasurer)
  • Neal Mahidhar ’26 (candidate for Representative to the Board of Trustees
  • Sienna Proctor ’25 (candidate for Representative to the Board of Trustees
  • Leili Singer ’26 (candidate for Representative to the Board of Trustees
  • Timmy Brown ’25 (candidate for Vice President)
  • Alex Fox ’25 (candidate for Vice President)

Following the meeting, US students were encouraged to vote.

The Advanced Bio: Molecular Research class hosted a scientific poster session on Wednesday. Students gathered on the R-Level to showcase a genetic engineering research project that was completed in conjunction with Beaver’s partners at BioBuilder at Ginkgo Bioworks.

Thursday marked the final day of classes for seniors. A Senior Send-Off ceremony took place for the class of 2024 to hear from their advisors, celebrate the milestone with their US peers, and hear a MS Chorus performance prepared just for them. Seniors will now embark on Senior Experience, with many internships on and off campus serving as the conclusion to their Upper School years.

Intermediate Chinese students participated in their first visit to Hebrew SeniorLife on Thursday. Students introduced themselves and engaged in conversation with Hebrew SeniorLife residents fully in Chinese. The class plans to visit again in order to continue building relationships with residents.

11th grade students got off campus on Friday for a jam-packed day of community building. Students visited Dane Park to spend time volunteering in the morning. Following this, an afternoon of fun commenced at Launch. The day was designed for the class of 2025 to reflect, give back, and spend time with one another.

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