WHY: To expose the heart of the school through creating a more connected campus.

Beaver students and faculty are not simply content consumers; they are content creators. We have a deep commitment and a responsibility to ensure that our facilities and space cultivate content creation, now and into the future. The R+D Center will change the way students, faculty, administration, and the world outside of Beaver work together.

HOW: Designed intentionally to foster creativity, thinking, and doing – this new building will serve as a source of inspiration and lend itself to Beaver’s future-focused curriculum.

One of the three priorities of The Future is Here campaign, the R+D Center will be an integral part of Beaver’s connected learning environment. It will provide our students access to resources that will foster and support in-depth research and innovation from 6th to 12th grade. This facility has the capacity to both support and shape teaching and learning. How will real world problem solving – and non-linear learning – be even more at the core of our teaching? What will Design Thinking look like in our classrooms? How will students engage in computational thinking, engineering and design? What new classes will we offer? What new kinds of assessments will we be able to develop? These are just a few questions we are excitedly considering as part of our preparation to move in.

WHAT: The spaces are first and foremost student-centric.

By opening up previously disjointed spaces to students and offering new traffic patterns to get around the building, students and teachers will have more opportunities to connect and be inspired by each other. We have reimagined the space that currently occupies the library, extending the footprint to create a three-story Research + Design Center.

  • New Entry experience: A reconfigured foyer outside Bradley Hall will house an open art gallery with views to a newly accessible courtyard, and a new bridge – with built in presentation spaces and a rotating collection of curated books – will provide direct access to the entrance of the R+D Center’s Main Level.
  • Main level (Research): Staffed with an information help desk, this level will have individual and collaborative workspaces, research materials and resources, conference rooms, and presentation spaces.
  • Lower level (Design): A design and engineering workshop accessible to the entire Beaver community, this level will be outfitted with state-of-the art technology, audio/video recording studios, and access to expert faculty and staff resources.
  • New third floor level (Classrooms): Additional spaces with flexible furnishings to accommodate multiple configurations and replace aging classrooms behind Bradley Hall.
  • Construction Metrics:
    • 22,379 square feet of new construction (Level 3 and Expanded Footprint)
    • 15,711 square feet of renovated space (Main Building and Library/Workshop)
    • 38,090 square feet Total R+D Center

WHO: The culmination of a deep and broad planning process that included our faculty, our students, and our Board of Trustees to help us continue to be as sharp and forward-thinking as we can.

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The Future is Here: A campaign for Beaver