Making a planned gift is a wonderful way to show your support and appreciation for Beaver and its mission while also accommodating your own personal, financial, estate-planning, and philanthropic goals.

By joining The Beatrice Van Ness (BVN) Society, you are helping Beaver in several ways: knowing your plans allows us to plan for Beaver’s future, ensures that we can carry out your intentions, and inspires other members of our community to also give back to Beaver. If you join anonymously, you will still be counted in our membership, but we will not publish your name in our annual report on philanthropy.

In recent years, thoughtful alumnae and former faculty donors of planned gifts have helped Beaver increase its commitment to financial aid and the arts—two critical initiatives that help keep Beaver strong.

What is The Beatrice Van Ness Society?

The Beatrice Van Ness Society recognizes all those who have made a bequest provision, a life income gift, or other planned gift commitment to Beaver. A renowned painter in the school of American Impressionism, Beatrice Whitney Van Ness (1888-1981) led the art department at Beaver from 1921 to 1949 and was a pioneer in the emerging field of art education. Her life’s work as a practicing artist and as an innovative teacher is reflected today in Beaver’s commitment to the arts as a vital part of a balanced curriculum. Members of the Beatrice Van Ness Society help the school uphold these core values of progressive education through their thoughtful and generous commitments to Beaver’s future.

For more information about ways of giving, or if you have questions about any of these options, please contact Erica DeRosa, Director of Philanthropy and Engagement, at 617-738-2746, or e-mail her at