13.1 Project runs the Hyannis Half Marathon

13.1 project runs half marathon

On Sunday, February 23, the 13.1 Project team—which includes 15 Upper School students and four faculty coaches—ran the Hyannis Half Marathon. The 13.1 Project is an Afternoon Activity where students spend the term training for and running a half marathon.

Some highlights from the race:

  • 7 runners completed their first half marathon
  • Patrick McGucken ’22 finished first with a time of 1:35:22—over 25 minutes faster than last year
  • Duncan Jurayj ’20 finished with a time of 1:36:14 — about 9 minutes faster than last year and outsprinted his sister at the finish line
  • Alexandra Herman ’23 and Ben Morris ’23  finished with a time of 1:37:44 in their very first half marathon
  • Alexandra Herman also placed 1st in the female under 18 age group

Congrats to all the BVR runners!

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