The BVR Accelerator is an immersive and interdisciplinary experience for Upper School students.

Dedicated to deeper learning opportunities, it puts trans-disciplinary learning in a real-world context front and center. During the Accelerator, students focus on ONE topic—leveraging time, partnerships, and faculty resources.

Started in 2023 as a three-day experience (BVRx3), the BVR Accelerator evolved to a full week in 2024; it will be two weeks in 2025 and (in certain cases) include local, national, or international travel components.

In 2024, there were 25 sessions on-and-off campus:

  • Boston Told Through Food
  • Building The Dam: School Leadership For A Stronger Community
  • Communal Design through Skateboarding
  • Craft and Community
  • Developing Solutions in Music Therapy
  • Digital Threads
  • A Dog’s Purpose
  • Embracing Dignity: Creating Community as a Form of Resistance
  • Game Design
  • Immersive Theatrical Design Incubator
  • Jewish Folktales and Other Theatrical Storytelling
  • Joymakers: Engineering Empathy in Action
  • Pedal Pro: Unleashing the Cyclist in You
  • Reading The Financial World
  • So You Want to Make a Pirate Film
  • Street Art • Streets to Stability: A Future Without Homelessness in Boston
  • So You Want To Start A Food Business
  • Sports Management and Business
  • Taylor Swift: Owning Our Stories
  • The Magic School Bus For Social Action
  • The Science of Music
  • The Science of Wellness
  • Wilderness Explorers

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