During the academic year, students are invited to opt-in to a series of monthly workshops. Through these workshops, students will build skills and deepen their understanding of leadership, civic engagement, and social justice. The workshops are flexible so students may sign up for a single workshop that interests them or engage in the entire series. Participation in six or more workshops will award students with a Hiatt Leadership Institute Certificate of completion.

Workshop dates below are tentative for 2023-24. Students will receive the most up-to-date info via their Beaver email and at weekly MS meetings. Parents/caregivers will be notified via the monthly newsletters and MS Community Meeting weekly email updates. The website will be updated to reflect changes as they come.

Workshop #1: Taking Initiative

INITIATIVE starts with becoming aware of an issue. Taking INITIATIVE means taking a closer look, identifying resources, and getting the ball rolling towards a goal. Learn, reflect, and practice skills to start taking INITIATIVE when it matters most.
September 18, 8–9 a.m. 

Workshop #2: Anatomy of an Issue

The issues that negatively impact many lives in our community or the world are never simple. Good intentions are not enough to make a meaningful impact. We must understand and consider the complexities of the issues we seek to solve.
In collaboration with R&D
October 23, 8–9 a.m.

Workshop #3: Designing for Impact

Design thinking is a mindset and an approach to problem-solving and innovation anchored around human-centered design. Join us to learn how design thinking can be an effective approach in the pursuit of a fair, accessible, and healthier society for all. In collaboration with R&D
November 13, 8–9 a.m.

Workshop #4: Centering the Voices of the Impacted

Helping people, groups, or communities impacted by injustice or inequality requires centering the voices of those who are being impacted, and relying on their wisdom and experience as we support or work on effective solutions. 
December 11, 8–9 a.m.

Workshop #5: The Social Justice Retreat

Our Beaver community is committed to the work of justice. The Hiatt Center is honored to host you for a full day of reflection, learning, and collective imagination.
January 26, 8 a.m.–2 p.m.

Workshop #6: When There’s a Bridge There’s a Way

Communication is at the core of leadership and helps make our world more just, accessible, and healthier for all. But, what happens when we have to collaborate or engage with people who have different beliefs or values than us?
February 12, 8–9 a.m.

Workshop #7: Collaborations That Uplift

Joining others towards a common purpose is effective in making a meaningful impact. But, how do you create an uplifting space during your collaborations? Joining others to change the world should be empowering for everyone involved!
April 8, 8–9 a.m.

Workshop #8: Leaping Into Action

You’ve reflected, learned, and practiced different leadership skills needed to make an impact in the world. It’s time to roll your sleeves up and get started. Learn about how the Hiatt Center can help you leap into action this summer. (required for Hiatt Summer Fellows)
May 6, 8–9 a.m.

Dates and times are subject to change

Questions? Email The Hiatt Center.