What makes Beaver, Beaver?

This year, the students and parents from the Class of 2021 came together to share what makes Beaver, Beaver. One of the resounding themes: it’s the people in the community. Hear what they had to say in the video below.

Healthy Annual Funds help create healthy schools. Beaver’s Annual Fund is an effort by the entire community to support the people and programs that make Beaver unique.

Beaver just hit a major milestone of $2M dollars raised in 2019-2020, which we are very proud of accomplishing. We are also celebrating the following participation rates: 100% faculty/staff, 100% Class of 2020 (graduating seniors), 80% parent, and 12% alumni.

Our success reflects the community’s confidence in the school’s leadership, the positive academic and extracurricular experiences students are having, and the fondness alumni and parents of graduates feel for their school.

Annual Fund gifts are unrestricted, meaning they can be spent as they come in, making an immediate difference by providing flexible funds, creating opportunities for learning and discovery.

Every dollar counts. Every gift matters. Every donor makes a difference.


Why support the Annual Fund?

What does the Annual Fund support?

The Annual Fund contributes 8% of our operating revenues, impacting every aspect of our students’ experience.

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