Melissa Cutler ’86

PR specialist turned editor turned interior designer

“Something I loved about Beaver was how it was very academically rigorous but was in a sense more like a low pressure cooker school compared to other schools. You could be an artist, star athlete, or musician all while receiving a wonderful education at Beaver.”

Steve Safren ‘87

Helping people out as a psychologist and professor

“At the beginning of the pandemic, around eight or ten of us had a group chat from high school where we would Zoom and have conversations with each other. The pandemic has really taught me the importance of cherishing and appreciating the friendships you create over your lifetime.”

Connor Laubenstein ’12

The Bag Bandit -- telling stories about golf caddies and culture

“I remember the trope of a child always asking ‘why, why, why?’ and that, in our culture, is something we find hilarious and make fun of. However, I find it very beautiful because the little kid is curious about why something is happening. We need more curiosity and wanting to learn more in our society.”

Lina Huang ’19

Interaction design major at George Washington University

“If you have concerns or thoughts about any topic, it is important to question the system if you think something can be better. Chances are, if you think it, someone else is feeling the same way.”

Emeka Amaizu ’06

Working at the intersection of finance and technology

“Looking back and seeing where I was at Beaver and where I am now, being in the fintech world has been a nice jolt up. I can definitely attribute that to Beaver for giving me that extra push all those years ago.”

Paul Connors ‘00

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have learned a lot about the importance of mindset in fostering resilience. For example, viewing challenges as opportunities is liberating and often leads to the best outcomes.”

Silmar Bueno ‘14

Selling real estate and still in love with soccer

“Through soccer, student council, and many other extracurricular activities, I had the chance to grow not only as a student and athlete but also as a person while learning valuable life lessons.”

Kendra Robertson ’00

Interrupted her kindergarten art class to give birth to her third child

“My time at Beaver was amazing in part because I was grateful enough to have the best teachers I have had in my life along with creating friendships that can last a lifetime.”

Lee Byron ’63

School and nonprofit board member, realtor, and former veterinary practice manager

“You never know what will happen in your life, so I have learned to go with the flow. I was forced to adapt and be flexible especially with the times we were living in back in the late 1900s.”

Bradley Schwimmer ’01

Found his voice at Beaver, now using it to help others

“Beaver personally helped me find my own voice which was something I was struggling with before I enrolled there.”

Gene Haskes ’94

A career in real estate built on local Newton knowledge

“During my junior and senior years at Beaver, I actually helped rent out apartments for my summer job. This was an amazing experience and it was funny going back to school and having made more money than my friends that caddied or worked at exclusive country clubs.”

Tammy Katzeff ’87

Online Spanish teacher with a busy pet sitting business

“Having never expected to teach remotely and then be thrust into this unknown position was a jarring experience yet one that made me reflect and take a step back. It is important to come away from the whole past year with a silver lining or some good that you take out of it.”

Brian Gardiner ’87

Giving back to Beaver after a career in the medical device business

“I am so grateful to Beaver for giving me the education I received and the opportunity to attend through the work-study program. Therefore, I am always willing to give back and help in any way possible. I enjoy the opportunity to continue my relationship with Beaver through my philanthropic events. It may not be publicized as much, but Beaver has really helped schools, churches, etc. in my area so I am forever grateful to them.”

Zack Wallack ’05

Juggling family and a legal career flipped on its head by Covid

“Beaver is such a strong and nurturing environment that is genuinely interested in the individual students' growth and achieving success beyond middle and high school.”

Meri Winter ’11

Social worker supporting the next generation

“Beaver has always been at the forefront of so many things, even when I was at school. Going back to visit has shown me how much the students have grown academically along with how much the school has progressed as a whole.”

Dave Miller ‘07

Proptech entrepreneur who learned to weld at Beaver

"The faculty at Beaver have so many unique skill sets and backgrounds, and they want to see you succeed and flourish. It is important to find the right person or people to help guide you to success"

Dayo Oyedele ’07

On the Covid front lines as an acute care nurse at a VA Hospital

“As someone in the medical field, I have seen first hand how fast things can change for the good or the worse. It is so important to live in the moment and be appreciative of what one has whether that is their career, family, friends, etc.”

Josh Narva ’92

Working on long-term success planning at Google

“I think that people don't necessarily remember that the friends you make in high school can be the friends you keep for a lifetime. It is important to stop and think about the people you meet and the impact they could have on you.”

Jen Kaplan ’87

Committed to helping children process grief

“Beaver is a school that does very well in helping kids with their mental health and putting the students first, before a test or exam. When I was there the support system through the faculty and staff was excellent and I can only imagine how great it is now.”

Katie Whelan ‘74

40+ years in international affairs, politics, and public policy

“Beaver really helps push you and encourages growth inside and outside of the classroom. The trip to France really helped me gain confidence in that language and also socially as I had to speak it quite often while there.”

Hope Coppinger ’87

Writer, fundraiser, Dire Straits fan

“Being at Beaver allowed me to question things I was not allowed to question in previous schools and learn subjects I would never have imagined I would learn about. They taught me to understand and appreciate the critical thinking learning that was not necessarily in my life before Beaver.”

Lisbeth Bornhofft ’70

Artist, Teacher, Girl Scout leader, Aquarium Senior Educator, Climate Activist

“Returning to Beaver as a teacher and as an alum and seeing the same hallways I used to walk every day, evoked profound and happy memories. The brilliant faculty played a dynamic role in my development. They were my teachers during school but became my friends after I graduated.”

Lindsay Bucci ’05

Thriving in a career once delayed by surgery

“You do not really understand it while you are there, but once you graduate and enter the professional world, you understand how prestigious and respected Beaver is and how much it truly shapes you.”

Jeremy Karpf ‘08

From sports journalist to solar development strategist

“After the past year, I have realized the value of in-person interactions and how crucial it is to never take anything for granted. You never know when we may all be forced to work from home again as a nation or when something could strike again, so I have learned to be grateful for everything, even the small things we may have glossed over two years ago.”

Lily Moore ’10

Raising funds for the Food Bank

“I really loved being a part of a small class and having the opportunity to know everyone you are graduating with. There was so much going on at Beaver, not to the point where you can feel lost, but rather a great feeling of an exciting and up-and-running school.”

Janet Lowenthal ’58

Using her pen to make the world a better place

“I never went to any other school before Beaver! I went to Beaver from the time I was 3 all the way up until I graduated. This was such a terrific experience for me because I had the chance to grow as a person and learner at the same school for all those years!”

Adam Offit ‘09

Coach, therapist, aspiring world changer

“This past year, with the pandemic, privilege has been so magnified. The divide from the haves and have-nots has become noticeably enormous and Covid has only made it bigger. So no matter where you are, it is important to be thankful and appreciative for what you have. The past year has shown everyone that things can change on the drop of a dime, so be grateful and use your means to help others less fortunate.”

Jordan Alloway ’17

Production assistant at NFL Films

“Beaver is a school where one can get a full experience. Everything is there for the taking if you want to take advantage of it. It really is a transformative place and if you can utilize those opportunities available to you, you can get a lot out of the school. I believe that it truly is a life-changing experience.”

Philippe Izedian ’19

Learning, traveling, and looking at life from different angles

“My time at Beaver was life-changing. I, with the support of the community, was able to elevate myself academically, connect with people, and learn how to work, think, and fail.”

Gabriela Cohen ’09

Three colleges, two degrees, and a career in social work

“Beaver really helped me believe in myself because of the constant support one receives while there that not many schools have.”

Marla Perelmuter ’15

Pharmaceutical advertising art director

“Beaver is such a unique place because they let you decide what your passion is and let you run with it. ”

Solomon Sheena ’99

Former school counselor now working in electrical engineering

“The past year has shown me how important family is, especially when things go south. Going into work everyday during a pandemic because the government allowed us was a blessing but also very scary. I credit my wife for helping the family stay grounded and dealing with our kids every single day for schooling and other activities. I have learned that if you have family nearby or are close with your family, you can make it through anything.”

Jim Blankstein ’83

Cooking up a third career selling cookies

“The encouragement and motivation that the students receive from the teachers and faculty at Beaver are unmatched. Ms. Thompson, a past head of the English department once told me, ‘Life is filled with leaders and followers. You are a leader and you have to act like a leader. Be a leader.’ And this quote changed the course of my life.”

Christine Quinn-Thibodeau ’65

Peripatetic teacher, learner, and doer, now enjoying retirement

“There is so much stress and negativity in the world, the last thing you want to do is compare yourself to others around you. Trust your family, friends, and teachers and understand that you are your own person! I believe that I am a lifelong learner but I credit Beaver with setting me up and putting me on my own personalized path.”

Kayla Masterman ’10

Mental health therapist focused on kids and adolescents

“The past year plus has continued to teach me how important it is to be flexible and have the ability to adapt no matter what the situation is. Fortunately, I can credit Beaver for showing me these life lessons as well because of their varied courses and opportunities. Human beings are resilient and can accomplish anything, which is a belief I have always held and a reason why I believe in the work that I do on a daily basis.”

Tene Raymond ’94

MBA, marketing consultant, wife, and mother

“Beaver provides a unique opportunity to experiment with new ideas in an environment that is rich with resources. The community of faculty, students, and parents created a supportive dynamic that gave me the confidence to be my best during my formative years.”

Pamela Mazza ’88

From NPR to TIR, teaching Spanish in between

“Something that I loved about Beaver was the supportive community. It felt like you were on a team working together towards a common goal. Whether it was on the lacrosse or field hockey team or inside the chorus room singing, everyone of the students is putting 100% of their effort into making it work.”

Alexys Butler ’12

Healthcare employee seeking the glitter and the gold

“There are so many opportunities that we try to pursue over time and sometimes at the start we think that they are going to be perfect. However, not everything that glitters is gold. I have learned that it is so important to pursue greatness and that gold but you have to do your research and connect with people before jumping right into it. Seek the things that glitter not only externally but also internally”

Leigh Isaacson D’Angelo ’07

Journalism Professor, Dating App Entrepreneur + NASA Spokesperson

“You don’t have a community unless it’s a healthy community so a lot of our messaging changed from encouraging people to go out and meet to making sure everyone was staying two leash lengths apart.”

Zach Herivaux ’15

Professional Soccer Player

“Beaver allowed me to dream. They never shut me down no matter how big my dreams were. They allowed me to shoot for the stars and be ambitious. Anything that I wanted to achieve, Beaver helped me push closer to it.”

John Weltman ’75

Founder of the world’s largest surrogate parenting agency

“I used to go to France where I thought I was going to get thrown into jail for both helping gay people have children and doing surrogacy, which they consider baby selling, and I managed to at least keep myself out of that. What I’m doing is right.”

Maya Pindyck ’96

Poet, Artist, Professor + Mom

"I think I do have Beaver to thank for the ways in which thinking and making across different disciplines was emphasized and really nurtured."

Naoko Hague ’69

One-year Beaver student, two-time Beaver mom

"When I was at Beaver, we were kind and we listened. It may have been a short time in my life, but it was very positive."

Zack Levandov ‘08

Sales leader, MBA student, non-profit founder

“Beaver will always be a safe, amazing place to experiment and try different courses and extracurriculars. I was able to partake in music, athletics, and the arts all while engaging in intellectually stimulating classes.”

Audrey Snare ’07

Following a passion for architecture from MA to WY and back

“When a college counselor or advisor comes to you and asks what you want to do, I have realized the importance of getting lots of input from friends and family-members as they know you very well. For me, it seemed like the path to an architect was already laid out as my parents were architects and I went to an architecture camp back in 11th grade. However, talking it out and not always going down that clear-cut path can be beneficial.”dd

Joddy Nwankwo ‘18

Stanford student, social justice activist, public health advocate

“This past year it was critical to be able to hold myself accountable and take breaks when necessary from schoolwork and from hours of staring at my computer. It is so important in not only college but in life to understand when your social battery needs to be recharged and when it is time to prioritize yourself.”

Mason Vega ‘18

Mechanical engineering student and on-campus whirlwind

“There are very few consequences for putting yourself out in the open and taking calculated risks. Especially at Beaver where it is so inclusive, be yourself and experiment!”

Kathleen Drohan ‘84

Making the arts more accessible to make lives better

“The things I believe in above anything else is access to art will make our lives better. Everyone should be able to experience museums, plays, and other arts events. In our society, we have moved towards a more elitist attitude towards museums and art events and it should not be like that. Everyone should have fair access to art.”

Sheyda Bautista-Saeyan ’10

A career at the intersection of business, management, and health

“When you’re super engaged and find purpose in your work, the work becomes easy. It doesn’t become a task, it becomes something you want to be a part of every day.”

Carolyn Donovan ’57

Former representative to the United Nations

“One of the happiest days of my life was when one of my friends' girls called me up and told me that she was taking a job working at the United Nations. I had brought her to the United Nations and helped her get interested in this. Girls working with girls. It's been a very pleasant way to continue my life’s work.”

Anjali Lappin ’10

Building a career in mental health counseling

“With my job and with the current situation surrounding the pandemic, I have realized how we take so many things for granted. I believe that we have all learned that we can no longer really do that. It is so important to cherish the small things in life.”

Betsey Goodwin ‘62

World-renowned expert on historical quilts and textiles

“People keep saying to me, ‘You can’t retire. Who’s going to restore our quilts?’ And I keep getting family heirlooms with incredible stories.”

Gayle Milton ‘78

Long Island pediatrician for over 20 years

“Absorb everything you can while at Beaver because they have so much to offer to you. Beaver played such an important role in who I am today.”

Tom O’Neill ‘05

Acting his way from the FBI to The Blacklist

“Beaver taught me how to think critically and how to survive in a media-saturated world.”

Kousha Antonio Bautista-Saeyan ‘04

Private equity, fire safety, and a new baby

“People are the most important asset of any company or organization. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or what resources you have; if you appreciate the people that make up the organization, the payback you get from them is astronomical.”

Daniel Bering ‘05

From art history to nonprofits to supporting private philanthropy

“I loved and always will love the small classes at Beaver and the personal attention the students received from the teachers. The environment allowed the students to not only make connections and friendships with each other but also with the staff.”

Lisa Burgess ‘88

Bringing financial expertise to assisted and senior living providers

“The best mentor in my life was a colleague at Benchmark, where she worked as the Chief Operating Officer. She had come out of retirement to take that job, at a time when the company was struggling. There were some conflicts between the senior management team but she really worked to bring that team closer together and ease any tension there was. She taught me to take the high road and do the right thing. Usually good things will come out of it!”

Ilan Moss ’93

Improving access to essential medicines for neglected diseases

“I hope people’s acute understanding of global health [due to Covid] will make them more sensitive to other diseases in other areas.”

Aliza Glasser ’97

History educator in classrooms, museums, and more

“I have had a unique opportunity to still be connected to Beaver through my entire life as first a student and more recently as a teacher. Also, in just a couple of weeks, I will be dropping my children off at Beaver Summer Camp, so one could argue that I have not even left yet!”

Kate Coon ’69

Independent college counselor and former teacher

“I recently had a college counseling session with a family who was talking about their child ‘falling to pieces’ and struggling with academics, etc. I said, let him fall to pieces but be there to help him. If he needs days off from school, let him take days off from school. At the end of the day, mental health and physical health are more important than any AP or test. Family and strong connections are crucial in life.”

Tracy Powers ’61

Retired French teacher (who got a C in French)

“Obviously, receiving a C in a class is not ideal, but following that, I learned to work even harder and put even more effort into my work. This was something that not only helped me flourish in school but also later in life.”

Melissa Weintraub ‘83

Retired social worker, writing assistant, and editor

“One thing I appreciated about Beaver was how flexible and adaptable they were to students' needs. They always prioritized the students, which made the school so enjoyable.”

Andrea Kelley ’71

Marketer turned landscape architect turned city official

“No matter what you do or say, half the people are not going to like you. My approach to public service is to do the right thing and be myself at each decision.”

Saundra Thomas ‘80

Worked her way from TV station intern to executive

“My experience at Beaver learning how to work with all kinds of people set me on my path to success.”

Kalala Kiwanuka-Woernle ’18, Co-Creator of BVR Alumni Voices

Following a passion for theater and acting

“Beaver is about the people. The teachers genuinely care about the students and the students at Beaver are not just one type of person.”

Maggie Schneider ‘11

Supporting seniors and connecting people through stories

“Storytelling is so fundamental to us as human beings. Before we had paper and could write, we only had stories. If I know your story and you know my story, we can level and try to understand each other. Storytelling can be a bridge to help understand one another but also create empathy and this human connection with each other that is so important. It could be as simple as a 20-minute conversation or a full feature documentary.”

Arjun Bakshi ‘14

Golfer, college entrepreneur, and financial risk manager

“Beaver really helped me find myself and push myself inside and outside of the classroom. The teachers didn’t force me to pigeonhole into just math and science but rather pushed me to look and discover a wide range of subjects in school. Overall, the one word I would use to describe the school is genuine. Everyone is genuinely caring and wants the best for you.”

Will Van Dyke ’02

Composer, orchestrator + music director on and off Broadway

"I personally feel the way that you combat the lawlessness of creativity is to treat your craft as you would a job."

Raven Rankine ’12

Helps companies develop leaders and build resilience

“Throughout the pandemic, I’ve been able to help organizations and companies build their resilience by providing training and resources to help them get through difficult times."

Jessica Penzias ’08

Broadway Librettist + Playwright

“Instead of forcing productivity on a certain project, I am able to let my ideas flow naturally.”

Reggie Brothers ’77

Decades on the forefront of science and technology

"I think the most important thing to learn at Beaver and in college and beyond is how to learn."

Zach Elkin ’05

Meeting the educational needs of gifted students in Chicago

Rebecca Roth Gullo ’95

The mind behind Blackbird Doughnuts and many other restaurants

"But, once you have an understanding of the service industry, you can do anything."

Milicent Armstrong ’05

Fashion designer, founder of Artemis Design Co.

"You just never know what is going to blossom into a career or passion. Remain curious and stay excited about things. Take chances and see if you can do it."

Jon Radtke ’84

Assistant Principal + Educational Innovator

"My sense when I was at Beaver was that I was valued for my uniqueness."

Jacob Mnookin ’97

Founder of Coney Island Prep

"I really thrived at Beaver, I sort of came into my own and learned to love learning."

Heather Benfield ’86

Environmental engineering on the Southern California coast

Carol Thomsen ’77

Early childhood educator, Founder and CEO of All Five

"If you’re telling children what to do, you’re not providing them with the opportunity to actually talk."

Juan Carlos Lombera ’95

A 20 year Global Marketing Career

“The pandemic will only make us stronger. Many will remember this time in a negative way, but it is important to always think positively. Everyone has learned a lot about the world and about themselves.”

Toph Tucker ’08

Multimedia Designer + Software Engineer

“Even the very best articles and graphs are gone after a couple days. The news media moves so quickly that so much gets forgotten.”

Taylor Pierce ’11

Advocating for diversity and inclusion in school and at work

“I chose Beaver because of their reputation as a “progressive teaching” school and the innovative methods they use in the classroom.”

Taylor Hayes ’12

From Senior Studio to a career in fashion

“Being a student from Beaver makes you look at things from a different lens and perspective.”

Wayne Turner '95

Wayne Turner ’95

Former NBA player + NCAA coach

“It is important to look at the long run of things — sometimes we want specific events to happen right away but often it is better to wait and see how it turns out.”

Sophia Tsakmaklis Teague ’06

Team Leader, New Mom + Trier of new things

“If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that things can change in a second.”

Seth Isaacson ’17

Following a passion for robotics

“Some of my favorite Beaver memories came from my senior calculus class with Mr. MacDonald. My experience in that class showed me what it’s like to do math at a higher level.”

Jacob Barrie ’14

Senior credit analyst focused on industry and transportation

"Having the chance to experience a wide range of classes and activities sets you up nicely once you graduate Beaver and college.”

Sarah Barrie ’09

Working on programs feeding students all year round

“Beaver really pushed me to think outside the box and take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that were there. This all led to what we do and who we are today.”

Sara Marsh ’09

Building communities among Real Estate Professionals

“Coming from such a strong community, I love how I can always reconnect with Beaver, whether that be with fellow alumni, teachers, or mentors.”

Sam Sadtler ’07

Creative Technologist + Software Developer

“Now the major publications have strong digital presences, but at the time (2008), it was very uncertain whether photography and news had a future on the internet.”

Rachel Feldman ’15

Medical Scribe and future Med School Student

“I studied microbiology in college, so the pandemic has been an interesting time to learn more about what I studied and the importance of scientific research.”

Oliver Hunt ’11

Real Estate Startup Specialist

“Beaver is a place where the relationships you build are really strong. The tight-knit community is definitely something people miss when they go to college.”

Nelson de Witt ’00

Documentary Filmmaker, Author + Coach

"It's been such an honor, it's hard to put into words, to come back and to coach and to be a part of the school trying to give back what the school has given me."

Nat Brown ’15

Turning critical thinking into a career asset

“Prior to this pandemic, a colleague left for a new job and I was thrust into somewhat of a bigger position. However, being able to think critically and think on my feet was so helpful, which I can really attribute to Beaver.”

Nancy Sargent Howell ’58

Painter, Creator + Teacher

“Beaver gave me the encouragement for me to realize who I am.”

Morgan Warners ’04

Political Science Major turned Communications Expert

“Beaver is very good at helping each student identify authentic interests.”

Michelle Menken ’88

Defense Attorney + Criminal Justice Advocate

“I had come from what could have been a really disadvantaged situation, growing up with a single mom and not having a lot of resources, to being extremely fortunate enough to have had the incredible opportunity that Beaver provided education-wise and socially to push me forward.”

Micki Pierce ’16

Beaver Field Hockey Coach and Boston College Master's Student

"Being at Beaver, coming to the field every day to coach those kids in the fall, that helped me to get outside, stop watching the news, see these kids that are still showing up for school and field hockey and working really hard."

Melanie Weinraub ’89

Board chair, NYC Children's Theater + stay-at-home mom

"Beaver helped me develop the passion for theater that I took into what became my career."

Maya Fernandez ’12

Non-fiction Editor for heavy-hitting topics

“I was amazed at how well Beaver prepared me for college and was so thankful for Beaver once I got there.”

Max Campion ’09

Repeat Entrepreneur + Beaver Trustee

“I believe Beaver helped shape my entrepreneurial mindset. Rather than accepting things for the way they are, I always like to ask why and then think how I can make them better.”

Marlowe Greenberg ’89

Entrepreneur helping nonprofits that help people who need help

“Beaver’s encouragement to be involved in the world around you still sticks with me to this day”

Lizzie Millstein ’00

Sales Leader at a Global Digital Media Company

“Especially with the pandemic and my husband being a doctor, I have learned that you can’t always plan things out and you have to take it day-by-day.”

Larry McKinney ’90

Beaver Student, Camp Counselor, Teacher

“In the spring, it was definitely hard not being at school and seeing everyone in the hallways and lunchroom. I really missed the social interactions that we’re so used to at school”

Kitty Sturgis ’58

Head of the Sherborn Elder Housing Committee

“I always get chills when I come up the drive and look up and see the cupola. That to me is very special.”

Josh Roy ’15

Computer Scientist making warehouses more efficient

“It is okay to ask for help. Especially in these times, some people may need extra support and it is 100% okay to ask for assistance.”

Josh Bloomberg ’03

Real Estate Agent to Property Owner

“At Beaver taking part in activities and group events is so crucial as you never know what you may end up liking and pursuing later down the road.”

Joanna Georgakas ’10

Med School Student, LGBTQ Advocate, Podcaster

“Beaver has a great alumni network and if ever someone wants to get in contact with alumni regarding a profession, there will always be someone in that field to assist them.”

Jezra Kaye ’69

Jazz Vocalist turned Speechwriter + Speaker Coach

“Because of the nature of the class I was in and times we were living through, it took me some time to really realize what an excellent education I had gotten at Beaver.”

Jeremy Levine ’05

Venture Capital Investor + Serial Entrepreneur

“Beaver helped form my entrepreneurial mindset and encouraged creativity.”

Jared Bellot ’08

Teaching a love of the arts to Chicago teens

“I loved teaching and Beaver had a tremendous impact on how I can be a non-traditional educator both in and out of the classroom.”

Jane Alexander ’57

Tony Award Winning Actress + Zoom Theater Rookie

“I’m a big fan of your generation. Your generation just gets it. You get it right in the gut! We do not even have to sell you all on keeping the planet whole and safe for your generation and your kids. You all are a very savvy generation. Once we get past this scourge, you are going to be gangbusters.”

Henry Hirshland ’15

Applying lessons from NuVu to the science of sleep

“Beaver’s experimental and unorthodox education style helped me do meaningful work both in and out of the classroom.”

Grace Bucking ’15

Hockey player, English major, Executive recruiter

“I've always tried to be grateful for the things I have. The pandemic has made me even more appreciative of the things I have no matter how big or small they may be.”

Gila Belsky Modell ’09

Teacher turned Retail Leader

“Beaver is the type of place that listens. If you want your voice to be heard, it will be heard.”

Fedna Jacquet ’06

Playwright, Screenwriter + Actress

“The outside world isn’t as caring or just as Beaver is. I would encourage Beaver students to figure out what is going on in the world and see what they can do about it.”

Erin Banco ’07

National Security Reporter + War Correspondent

“As a journalist, it can be frustrating to have to adapt to an environment where your story will matter one hour and not the next. However, that is just the environment that we work in.”

Dori Oskowitz ’97

Award-winning director working on his first feature film and his first child

"I've been very humbled by the pandemic and I'm learning a lot. There has been this understanding that permanence is not a given."

Devin Lewtan ’16

NYU student, product designer, student venture capitalist

“Finding things that do not pique your interest helps narrow down the focus to find your true passion.”

Danielle Alexandra ’75

Storyteller, Entrepreneur, Force of Nature

“I truly believe that talent wins out in the end, if you get the door open. Getting the door open is the secret, not the talent.”

Dani Lubin-Levy ’09

Nonprofit professional now attending business school

“The pandemic highlighted so many of the challenges that exist in our community in a way that you couldn't ignore them anymore.”

Dan Katz ’08

Fighting the stress epidemic + getting an MBA

“I am starting at Harvard Business School in the fall which means I’ll have to take a step back from Thrive Global, which will be difficult after seeing the company go from an idea to a scaled business. But this certainly won’t be my last start-up experience.”

Craig Goldstein ’91

Helping businesses scale up their operations

“The pandemic has been tough on medical school students because they haven’t been able to volunteer and get hands-on experiences, but a lot of students have taken it upon themselves to raise money to help those in need.”

Conor Savoy ’01

Advocate for more effective US foreign assistance

"Stay in touch with the people you're friends with because they're people that may be friends for life and there's no calculating how valuable that is for you over the course of your lifetime."

Clay Starr ’15

Fighting for Our Oceans + Our Climate

“There is no point in doing anything that makes you unhappy.”

Chris Morss ’58

Member of the Class of '58 by fraud

“I only discovered five-six years ago that my father's uncle, who lived in Chestnut Hill, had been one of the founders of Beaver, apparently.”

100 Defining Stories