Since 1920, Beaver has given students the power to excel in any circumstance. Beaver challenges students to go beyond mastery of content and conventional problem-solving; rather we prepare students for an undefined era where the New Basics are the cornerstones of professional success and personal development.

We stretch the capabilities of the mind around academic subjects, particularly when they are connected to complex issues. We place extra emphasis on writing skills, persuasive communication, and collaboration to teach students to express their ideas effectively.

Multi-dimensional thinking is the platform for success in today’s complex society. The earlier students learn the sophisticated thinking skills needed to master this complexity, the better. In all disciplines, we teach students to see things from multiple perspectives, identify a range of approaches, and think adaptively and flexibly to conceive powerful solutions.

Technology in the classroom

What’s most important about technology at Beaver is our mindset around it: we view it as a tool to enhance learning. When it makes sense to use, we use it. We teach technological literacy not as a standalone class, or through specific hardware or software, but as a critical tool embedded into each class. The use of technology in the classroom supports us in understanding and expressing ideas. It is infused into every part of our curriculum and campus. Being comfortable with technology and its rapidly evolving state means Beaver students have an advantage in their toolkit. It’s a means for them to explore, visualize, and solve problems while giving them the ability to craft something of their own.

Hiatt Center

The Hiatt Center’s approach is unique among secondary schools. The center supports discussions of global and social justice topics—in and out of the classroom—and cultivates leadership skills students will use to effect change, now and in the future. Throughout the year, the staff of the Hiatt Center works with students and teachers to build these skills and provide civic engagement opportunities through events, programs, and community partnerships.

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