We are deeply committed to creating an inclusive community.

We recognize the unique experiences some underrepresented students may have at independent schools, and we work diligently to promote success for all students. Through a broad range of activities and programming, we help students affirm identity, build community, and cultivate leadership skills.

For example, to give students the ability to work effectively within a learning environment that is genuinely diverse, we host gatherings of different affinity groups throughout the year. These voluntary meetings give students a safe place to explore identity, discuss and share current events, and encourage and challenge one another. This cultivates confidence, a sense of belonging, and often translates to engaging in other aspects of school life: academics, sports, the arts, civic engagement, and clubs.

Additionally, in the classroom, all MS and US students explore diversity, equity, and inclusion topics, including gender identity, ethnicity and race, and socioeconomic status. Students have the opportunity to engage in collaborative, multi-disciplinary projects, such as “Power as a Force,” where English, physics, and history classes combine to explore power through different perspectives. In the US, they can take classes such as Race, Class, and Identity, Artist’s Response to Social Change, and Ideologies.

Throughout their time at Beaver, students have access to teachers, administrators, and staff who support them—and learn and grow alongside them.

Empathy for other viewpoints is imperative for a diverse, equitable, and inclusive school.

It is all our responsibility (students, too) to build this type of environment. As a potential member of the Beaver community, you will have the same responsibility.