We are intentional in all that we do to ensure our students thrive in Middle School and are also prepared for what’s next—at Beaver, in Upper School, and in the world beyond.

At Beaver, there are many opportunities outside of the classroom for students to explore, learn, develop their ideas, and deepen their understanding of content—and to find multiple paths to engage with it.  In addition to growing as a student (and then thriving in that role!), we’re also committed to helping students become their best selves, in and out of the classroom.

And, of course, students will have a lot of fun!

We recognize that Middle School years can be a challenging time in a students’ life, but it also is a very wonderful time and we want to make sure they enjoy it. From playing Gaga Ball at recess to performing in the talent show to hacking video game code in CREATE, we prioritize building and fostering the BVR Middle School community and the BVR Middle School student.

Amber Kuntz
Title: Director of Middle School Student Life and Athletic Programs
Contact: akuntz@bcdschool.org
Phone: 617-738-2758
Amber Kuntz