Seniors in anatomy and physiology participate in Harvard Medical School MEDscience Program

Beaver Seniors at Harvard Medical School

This past winter terms, seniors taking Anatomy and Physiology participated in the Harvard Medical School MEDscience program. As part of the program, the students and US Science teacher Kim McCabe headed to Harvard Medical School every Wednesday to learn about different medical skills and procedures and to perform medical simulations.

Ten weeks ago, the class boarded the Beaver mini-bus to head to their first session at the program. Upon arrival, they were fitted into medical scrubs, gifted a stethoscope, and thrown into their first simulation.

“This program gives students the chance to learn about the human body while working through emergency medical scenarios, and learning a new skill like suturing or intubation.” – Kim McCabe, US Science Teacher

Student at Harvard Medical School

When a “patient” comes into the room in a simulation, the students have to work as a team to determine a diagnosis – asking questions, running tests, analyzing vital signs. 

“Our group has faced countless challenges together and learned how to problem solve. We have grown an immense amount and created this new educational community outside of the classroom.” – Annie Muggia

Student at Harvard Medical School

For students interested in medical careers, this is a chance to experience the skills, stresses, and reward of being a doctor. For everyone else, no matter where their ambitions lie, this program gives them space to take risks, collaborate, and solve problems. 

“I am proud of my growth in confidence from this class. Working in teams with the Harvard Med staff and with the various patients has helped me come out of my shell and work with different personalities. As a result of the class being interactive, I find myself being less hesitant when talking to new people outside of class, and I have become more confident in myself as a presenter.” – Kenzie Taylor Morris

Students at Harvard Medical School


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