In the classroom: Geometry students design new, innovative products with Onshape

Sophomore Geometry Class Onshape Project

In geometry class, 10th grade students were challenged to create a new, innovative product using at least three types of solid shapes that cost less than $5 to make. Students designed their prototypes with Onshape, a cloud-based CAD software, before using various materials – from cardboard to clay – to bring them to life. The class then pitched their product idea to their teachers – Ms. Ragonese and Mr.  Matsusaka – as well as two judges from the Beaver community (Mr. Doyle, Director of Building & Grounds, and Ms. Charles, Front Office Coordinator).

The projects:

  • Abby Burgess and Rebecca Lipstich created a mug that could hold both milk and cookies at the same time.
  • Elise O’Keefe built a portable hockey table called “Just My Puck”.
  • India Adam and Thomas Dies made “Travel Tray,” a device made to fit in a cars cupholder that can hold a drink, food, a mirror, and more.
  • Tyler Alloway and Ollo Maclean designed “Get Clamped”,  plastic clams used to keep weights on the barbell at the gym.
  • Hisashi Lonske and Jack Tuttle made chopsticks designed for beginners with attachments to teach the user how to use them and to evolve as the user gets better at picking up their food.
  • Thomas Youngen and Lucas Held made “Geo Cups”, a set of two innovative and aesthetically designed glasses.
  • Grace Kiwanuka-Worernle and Alice McLaughlin-Alves designed a headband that attaches to Airpods to keep them from falling out.
  • Sam Fox and Sophie Wilmerding created cups with handles that allow them to be easily stacked so the user can carry more than one beverage at a time.
  • Brenna Curly and Johnathan Haber made a mini portable version of the game Bulletball that can be played with a marble.

The winners: Hisashi Lonske and Jack Tuttle’s Chopsticks!

Beaver students create products in geometry.

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