BVRx³ Recap: Interdisciplinary sessions allow students to immerse themselves in new topics

BVR is a three-day immersive and interdisciplinary experience for Upper School students. The program is designed to allow students to explore new disciplines and industries, engage in deeper learning through an immersive approach, and connect with outside experts on topics in our community. Removed from the structure of a daily schedule, students are able to better immerse themselves in the topic of their choosing.

There was a wide range of sessions taking place on and off campus during BVRx³. The halls were lined with dogs as students from A Dog’s Purpose brought their pets to school to learn more about the services dogs provide to our communities. A delicious scent hovered around campus as Cooking: Sources and Challenges welcomed Boston chef Ken Oringer to give them assistance in the kitchen. Down on the D-level, the sound of buzzsaws accompanied students building their own chairs for Furniture Building.

It was really interesting to hear how much Boston has transformed over the last 300 years.

Boston as a Port City student

Off campus, BioBuilder students engaged in hands-on laboratory work centered around synthetic biology at BioBuilder Learning Lab. History and Design of Moorish Tiles visited the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum to get inspiration for tiles that they would later design. The dry dock in Seaport welcomed Boston 2070 and encouraged students to consider not only how Boston will change as a result of climate change, but also how we can come up with solutions.

A lot of people are building Beaver apps, I’m building one that could help anyone whether they are at Beaver or not. It’s a guide for DBT skills, which stands for dialectical behavioral therapy.

Build a Beaver App student

BVRx³ concluded with a closing reception for each session to showcase their work. Highlights include the new lighting in Bradley Hall (Theatrical Lighting Bootcamp), an overview of various playable games (Gamifying with Social Impact), and some music (Live Music Recording 101). Students presented their work and answered questions about the experience, sharing their newfound knowledge of each topic with peers.

We’ve learned a bunch of different yoga practices and meditation practices such as journaling and reading exercises. We had a woman give us a sound bath.

Conscious Living Retreat student

Each BVRx³ session was documented and photographed by Capturing Content students. All photos, videos, and interviews you see are products of their hard work and excitement about BVRx³. Thank you, Capturing Content crew!

To see the full list of BVRx³ sessions that were offered, click here.

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