OOO: thankful for students, faculty, staff, and YOU

Out of Office is a series from Head of School Kim Samson that highlights/focuses on time spent outside of her office: in the BVR hallways, classrooms, stages, fields, and beyond.

Thanksgiving break gives me an opportunity to pause and consider all for which I am grateful.

I am so thankful for the many ways our teachers encourage students to show their learning and the enthusiasm our students have—not just for their own successes but also for their classmates’ tremendous accomplishments.

This last week, students in both divisions were finishing up projects and showcasing their work across campus. Many told me they were energized by their work (and a little stressed, of course!). A few of the things I saw:

  • Ms. Fitzgerald’s and Ms. Wu Macomber’s Humanities classes were studying religious identities in connection with holidays. They discussed why schools celebrate them with days off or not.
  • A Thanksgiving exhibit created by Ms. Fash’s English 10: Identity class that offered an opportunity to reflect upon a much wider lens than is usually applied to the history of the holiday. (see the picture below)
  • Solar ovens designed by Ms. Ching’s math class that baked cookies successfully outside!
  • Students in the Actors’ Showcase; their performances made us both laugh and take pause to think about the complexities of human relationships.

In addition, I’m also particularly grateful for Beaver’s music program.

The roots of it all can be seen in the Middle School Music Exhibit where our youngest students are learning to play and we see passionate teaching in action. The Upper School Instrumental and Choral concerts were both a wonderful culmination of the term’s work for more experienced students. I enjoyed seeing so many parents and siblings turn out for these events and the smiles that accompanied snacks in the foyer afterward!

As we head into the break I’m once again reminded how truly amazing of a school community we are, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to lead us into the future!

Have a wonderful holiday—however you choose to enjoy it!

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