BVR Academics: Middle School students showcase presentations on plastic waste

Class: Science
Grade: 8
Teacher: Kristina Ohl

8th grade students presented their independent projects on plastic waste in Ms. Ohl’s science class. The presentation had a “science fair” set up, with various students presenting slides and posters around the room. Topics included pollution, living without plastic waste, and sustainability on a local level.

At one presentation, the impact of plastic on the Brookline Reservoir was discussed. At another, a student recapped a week in their life as they tried to avoid plastic waste. Students traveled from presentation to presentation, taking in their peers’ research and presenting findings of their own.

Even though plastic water bottles are the symbol of pollution, there’s many other types that you’d never even think of like fishing lines and diapers.

-Zarra Burke ’27

Check out some of the action (and a student’s project) below…

Project by Sveta Bryzgalova ’27:

More about this course: Energy Resources. Climate Science. Space Exploration. Genetics. Science topics regularly grace today’s headlines. In Science 8, we approach these and other current issues with a scientific lens to develop critical thinking, research, and science literacy skills. As we study the science behind current global issues, we explore how to support scientific claims with evidence, how to communicate scientific understanding, and how we as critical thinkers can engage with current issues through informed action and advocacy.

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