BVR Academics: Student to be interviewed by Boston Globe CEO at Make Her Mark event

Benisha Marseille ’24 loves science. When listing the topics that are of interest to her, space travel, the trajectory of rockets, and experimentation on the International Space Station are all on her list. It is no surprise, then, that Bennie is already immersing herself in the world of STEM as an 11th grader.

On Thursday, November 3, Bennie will be interviewed by Linda Henry, the CEO of Boston Globe. The interview is part of the Women’s Foundation of Boston’s Make Her Mark event, a fundraising event designed to raise money and awareness for STEM programming for Greater Boston women and girls. Bennie was selected to be interviewed due to her interest and involvement in STEM through the Science Club for Girls, where she is currently a junior mentor.

When Bennie aged out of the Science Club for Girls in Middle School, she thought her time with the organization had come to an end. This soon changed when she became a mentor. “I got a flier at my old school looking for mentors and thought ‘oh I could do that!’ Then I got hooked and I’ve been doing it ever since. Now I get to do it virtually, which has allowed me to stay during high school.” As an assistant mentor, Bennie is an instrumental part in ensuring that the weekly meetings go smoothly by answering questions, preparing experiments, and leading opening discussions with the members. “At the first club meeting, the students are all quiet. Then there’s a whole transformation and everyone starts talking. On Zoom, everyone is typing in the chat. They get more confident and it’s cool to see.” 

Over the summer, Bennie brought her passion for STEM into her first job at a rocketry camp. When describing some of the experiments and miniature rocket launches the camp participated in, it is clear that Bennie is not only a student of STEM, she is a leader to those around her.

The Make Her Mark event will not be the first time Bennie has been interviewed about her involvement with the Science Club for Girls. Last Spring, Bennie had the opportunity to sit on a panel of Science Club for Girls members and chat with Latoyia Edwards, an Emmy Award-winning anchor on NBC 10 Boston. The interview not only raised awareness about the club, it also promoted the 2022 Catalyst Awards, an annual ceremony and fundraiser designed to uplift innovative women.

In the interview, members of the club discuss what their meetings are like and how the organization has impacted their lives. Bennie touches upon what a typical day as a junior mentor looks like and some of the funny moments she has experienced. “Overall, it’s just a lot of laughs and a lot of fun.”

Bennie’s passion for STEM has guided her through an incredible year of learning and leading. Looking ahead to the sold-out Make Her Mark event, Bennie feels prepared to take the stage and discuss her experiences. “I’m very nervous but I’m also very excited. This is me slowly stepping out of my little world into the world around me. It’s kind of scary but it’s also kind of exciting. It could open a lot of opportunities for me.”

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