BVRacademics: Medical ethicist virtually visits Moral Dilemmas elective

Moral Dilemmas

Class: Moral Dilemmas—The challenge of making (the right) decisions
Grade: 11th and 12th
Teacher: Kader Adjout

Dr. Timothy Christie, Regional Director of Ethics Services and the Chair of the COVID-19 Ethics Committee at Horizon Health Network, Zoomed in to the Moral Dilemmas elective to talk to students about his work as a medical ethicist. He shared several case studies with students and asked how they would respond and react in different situations.

Kader Adjout, the class teacher said, said he invited Dr. Christie to speak with the class so they could (1) hear about the ways moral philosophy and ethics are used in daily, real-life situations; (2) experience the thought process for a medical ethicist who needs to make difficult decisions; and (3) hear how ethics can help us solve difficult situations and make the best possible decision.

More about the course
Have you ever wondered if a decision you made was the right one? Every day, we are faced with taking a stand on difficult moral questions. But, why do we think our opinion is morally right? In this course, you will get to critically analyze situations that affect us every day, from social media to gender and sexuality and from profiling to hating sports teams, among many topics. Be prepared to tackle challenging, real-life situations, collaborate to propose alternative solutions and perspectives, understand how our brain makes decisions, and rethink your notion of morality, right and wrong, and what we ought to do.

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