Middle School Feed Your Brain: Summer Edition

Expanded Learning Experience

As we prepare for a restful and restorative summer break, we want to share a new and improved list of activities and opportunities for students to feed their brains while away from school.

Below you will find suggestions from Beaver faculty and students. The list includes options that are indoor and outdoor, as well as a variety of ways for students to engage with the world around them to feed their brains!

Throughout the summer, Ms. Marsh and members of the Beaver community will share what they are doing to feed their brains. Let us know what you are up to by sending your photos to feedyourbrain@bcdschool.org!

Feed Your Brain Summer 2020


General knowledge

Math skills

Language skills





  • Cook something!
  • Plant some vegetables, herbs, or flowers in your yard or a planter

Design & create


Relaxation & mindfulness 



  • Write a short story, poem, novel, or whatever you like
  • Keep a diary or journal. Write down feelings throughout the day
  • Keep a gratitude log. At the end of each day, write down what you are thankful for


Bonus: Exercise Your Brain

  • Brain Games Play these games to enhance the power of your brain.

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