BVR US Expanded Learning Experience: Summer Engagement

Expanded Learning Experience

We recognize this summer may look a little different for our students, so we’ve compiled the below list of ideas. This list will evolve and grow throughout the summer so stay tuned!

  1. It’s not too late to check out some Hiatt Summer Fellowship Opportunities
  2. Try something new every day. Stay tuned for more information from Isabella Brooke and her 21-day challenge (#BVR21daychallenge), launching on Instagram later this month.
  3. Learn to code in p5
  4. Interview friends and family and make a podcast
  5. Start woodworking and making your own furniture
  6. Keep a diary or journal
  7. Volunteer remotely for an organization
  8. Build something out of found objects
  9. Review these resources on anti-racism
  10. Check out these math resources
  11. Make art!
  12. Do a jigsaw puzzle
  13. Check out free classes from Coursera, edx, Lynda, and Kahn Academy
  14. Listen to a podcast
  15. Go for a nature walk
  16. Do yoga
  17. Read a book from the ProjectLIT recommended list
  18. Write a short story, poem, novel, or whatever you like
  19. Take a mindfulness break
  20. Plant some vegetables, herbs, or flowers in your yard
  21. Consider a reading from this anti-racist reading list
  22. Take a virtual tour of a museum
  23. Color
  24. Learn or practice a language with Memrise or Duolingo

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