Beaver’s MUN team wins Best Small Delegation for sixth consecutive year

Model UN

We’re excited to announce Beaver has won the Best Delegation Award at the Boston University Invitational Conference (BosMUN) for the sixth consecutive year!

This weekend our students—advised by Sumaya Ibourk and Randall Northrop—attended the three-day conference at the Boston Marriott-Copley. They collaborated with students from other schools to write resolutions and pass directives in various committees ranging from: the UN Security Council, Netflix, Game of Thrones, to Molassacre just to name a few.

In addition, 8 of the 11 Beaver students who attended also won individual awards:

Best position paper

  • Sam Szwartz

Verbal Commendation

  • Ian Travis

Outstanding Delegate

  • Jack Botein
  • Hannah Dineen
  • Aidan Berg
  • Henry Tsai

Best Delegate

  • Jacob Creem
  • Davin Izedian

Student delegates who participated at the conference and the committee they were in:

  • Aidan Berg ’20: Game of Thrones
  • Jacob Creem ’20: Molassacre
  • Katie Reisig  ’20: The Trial of Marie Antoinette
  • Henry Tsai ’20: War of the Bucket: Modena
  • Hannah Dineen ’21: Press Corps as: Xinhua News China
  • Davin Izedian ’21: UNSC AS China
  • Sam Szwartz ’21:  Boston Busing Crisis
  • Richard Murphy ’22: House of Al Sabah
  • Patrick Berg ’23: Fox News
  • Jack Botein ’23: Netflix
  • Ian Travis ’23: King Richard III

Congratulations to all delegates for a job well done!


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