Reunion 2019 Recap

Alumni at Beaver Country Day School

Thank you to all of our alumni who came back to campus to celebrate their reunions earlier this May. We loved having the chance to see you connect with each other and with Beaver — and to hear what you have been up to since you left Hammond Street!

We are constantly blown away by this community and so proud of all that you are doing.


  • A golden graduate luncheon honoring the Class of 1969’s 50th Reunion and the legacy of Nancy Jane Moore ’41.
  • An interactive student panel showcasing the independent study work of current Beaver students. The panel included Abby Cebula ’21, who presented Speak Eats, an app she and her team created in the entrepreneurship class helps visually-impaired individuals navigate the grocery store; Max Sclar ’21 + Ben Otting ’21, who presented how they have used immersive technology to demonstrate their imagination; Vanessa Glass ’21, who created a virtual reality space on the class of 1959 and 1969 showing pictures of the classes with events, music, and news from that time period; and Margot Amouyal ’20, who spoke about her experience with the Beaver Independent Study program and how she has used the program to create a podcast about the archives at Beaver.
  • Margot Amouyal recorded a podcast with Al Fitzpayne ’89 and Matt Selman ‘89. Fitzpayne spoke about with finding tangible solutions to the changing work landscape of America, and his favorite memories from his time at Beaver. Selman’s spoke about how he finds inspiration when writing scripts and the advice he has for current high school students. 
  • We honored our 2019 Alumni Award Recipients.
  • The Class of 1989 relived their student athlete days with a game of pick up basketball in the Gym.

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At reunion, we talked to alumni about their favorite memory from their time at Beaver, what teachers left a lasting impact on them, and the classes they loved. Below are just a few of the responses.


Elissa Richmond Zonis ’54: “We lobbied to the school to be able to wear lipstick … after it passed no one wore it.”

Joany Marsh Lawrence ’54: “Before graduation we all stole Oreos from the kitchen and we put them in our bloomers. But we had to sit during graduation and sat on them.”


Jean Gucker McKinny ’61: “My favorite teachers were Ms. Pope, who taught English, and Madame Fourel the French teacher. Because of the teachers we had such a good time coming back to visit the school.”

Ellen Kaplan Kardon ’59: “I loved Mr. Bishop and Ms. Perkins in the art studio.”

Kitty Ray Sturgis ’58: “My favorite teacher was Poppy Rooney the P.E teacher. I met her in the 8th grade and maintained a friendship until she passed away.”

Jane Austin Vaughn ’59: My favorite teacher was Madame Fourel. When I went to college my French was way better than everyone else.  My French is still good enough to talk to my grandkids studying in Paris.”

Margi Brainbridge Robinson ’59 – ”I went to Paris after college after taking one class with Madame Fourel and no one thought I was American. My favorite teacher was Ruth Sayward the math teacher, because of her I wanted to become a math teacher. I came and taught math here at Beaver and used her techniques.”


Kit Cunningham ’72: “My favorite class was sculpting. I also loved biology with Mr. McCarthy.”

Jill Adams Bourdais de Charbonneiere ’53: “We didn’t quite have the opportunities that you do nowadays but we had basic experiences like singing in choir, doing music, and acting. I remember being cast as a villain in the school performance and the theater teacher told me you’re a little actress’.”

Pamela Dow Brown ’65: “The athletic field was where I grew up. I played field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse.”

And of course, we always want to hear more! We always love to hear from our alumni so email us your favorite BVR memory — or just to check in and share what you’re up to!

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