Club Spotlight: Debate Club

Club: Debate Club
Club LeadersBailey Trust ’25 and Kylee Hill ’25
Terms Running: Fall, Winter, Spring

Each week, Debate Club comes together to participate in speech drills, play debate games, and share feedback with one another. Club leaders Bailey Trust ’25 and Kylee Hill ’25 created the club when they were sophomores to provide Beaver students the opportunity to sharpen their debate skills in a friendly and supportive environment.

A typical meeting of debate club starts with fun and structured question to break the ice. Then we get into some debate-related drill or game.

-Bailey Trust ’25

The Debate Club is currently piloting a “coffee house” style of debate that will allow the club to optimize their time together. This debate style allows audience members to join in at the end of each debate, encouraging each club member to get involved and share their own insights. The club hopes that by challenging themselves with new forms of debate, they will be better equipped to formally compete against other schools in the future.

Debate club is a fun space for people to practice their debate and public speaking skills while making short and concise arguments.

-Kylee Hill -25

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