US Weekly Wrap-Up: 01.12.24

Here is a short wrap-up from this past week—January 8 through January 12—in the Upper School.

Students started the week with Advisory on Monday. In addition to several announcements and reminders, advisors took time to reflect on Dr. Jill Walsh’s recent visit with students on Friday. Walsh’s visit emphasized the importance of using caution when engaging with social media in times of crisis.

During Club Block on Tuesday, the Beaver Environmental Action Team (B.E.A.T.) began assembling a hydroponic farm stand. The stand will be used to not only make Beaver a greener space, but also provide fresh vegetables and herbs to anyone that may want them. To read more about B.E.A.T. and their current work, click here!

An Upper School meeting took place on Wednesday in Bradley Hall. Both teachers and students made announcements about the upcoming weeks, including an upcoming film festival on February 16 (you can submit here) and an opportunity to share ideas for new BVR-X courses (which can be found here).

To finish the meeting, members of the Beaver Athletics department handed out awards from the fall season. Congratulations to all fall athletes for your accomplishments!

In partnership with the Hiatt Center, Upper School students led small group discussions at a workshop for 6th grade students focused on microaggressions. Each US student shared with their groups ways that they define microaggressions and how best to remedy them.

The Middle Eastern Affinity Group hosted an Armenian Christmas celebration on Friday. Students gathered on the D-level to enjoy Armenian dishes, listen to music, and learn more about Armenian culture. The celebration brought out teachers, staff, and students from all grades to enjoy the occasion.

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