Club Spotlight: Beaver Environmental Action Team

Club: Beaver Environmental Action Team (B.E.A.T.)
Club Leaders: Parker Kendall ’24, Grace Reyelt ’24, Kate Saltzman ’25, Ellie Scherer ’25
Terms Running: Fall, Winter, Spring

The Beaver Environmental Action Team (B.E.A.T.) is a club formed by students interested in making Beaver a greener space. The club meets weekly to discuss sustainability on campus (and beyond) and brainstorm how to address any emerging issues.

“The Beaver environmental action team works to raise awareness about sustainability and we’re working to make Beaver a more sustainable campus.”

-Parker Kendall ’24

B.E.A.T. members returned from winter break to find that an assortment of seed pods that were ordered had not only arrived, but also started to germinate. These plants will be used to populate a hydroponic grow structure on campus. In the future, the club hopes to install multiple grow structure to provide Beaver with greenery and food.

“We have a bunch of plants like thyme lettuce broocoli onions and we’re going to transfer the plants into the hyrdropomic farm stand. Our goal is as these grow, the Beaver community will be able to come and harvest the herbs and vegetables.”

-Ellie Scherer ’25 & Kate Saltzman ’25

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