Club Spotlight: Pre-Med Club

Club: Pre-Med Club
Club Leaders: Talia Frumkin ’25 and Maya Bitton’25
Terms Running: Fall, Winter, Spring

Pre-Med Club meets each week to participate in discussions and hands-on activities related to science, health, and the medical field. The club was formed earlier this year after students Talia Frumkin ’25 and Maya Bitton ’25 saw an opportunity to bring together students with similar interests in the field.

We knew that a bunch of students were interested in pre-med and becoming doctors and nurses, so we thought a hands-on club would be fun.

-Talia Frumkin ’25

Every Pre-Med Club meeting is different, with a new activity each week. This week, the group kicked off their meeting by brainstorming what a doctor should check for when a new patient is coming in to see them. Examples such as heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate were shared, with School Nurse (and Pre-Med Club Advisor) Ms. Ossowski offering her expertise. Following this, students broke out into pairs to simulate a doctor/patient visit.

We focus not only on the different systems of the body, but we also do work with the clinical setting and what it’s like to be a patient and a doctor

-Maya Bitton ’25

The Pre-Med Club is currently finishing up their cardiovascular health unit and looking forward to bringing in guest speakers, learning more about residency programs, and participating in suturing workshops.

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