MS Minutes: 10.03.23

Hello, Middle School Students and Families! Here’s a look at what’s happening in the Middle School this week.

Rishaan Chowdhury ’29, Rafay Desautels ’29, and Jasper Ingenthron ’29 ran today’s meeting. You can check out the slides from this week’s meeting here.

Two members of the Upper School Latinx Affinity Group, seniors Camilla Aguilera-Steinert and Wilmer Garcia Cortez, spoke to the Middle School about celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. They spoke about the history of the month and encouraged students to participate in affinity groups.


At Middle School meetings throughout the year, students present elements of The BVR Student.

Today, Reva Karol ’28 and Naima Russell ’28 presented Stays on Task and Follows Directions.

We chose this because in classes if you don’t pay attention and stay on task you can miss crucial information about HW for example, and then you will have to go out of your way to find out what you missed when you could have just paid attention. You need to follow directions so you don’t get in trouble. If you don’t follow directions, you may have to ask for extra help, your work may not be as thorough, and you might do it wrong. Overall it’s important to follow directions and stay on task so you don’t miss important info and knowledge.


HORSE by Geraldine Brooks

Recommended by Emerson Daly ’29

It is told from multiple perspectives. It is about Lexington, one of the greatest racehorses and sire of all time. Lexington was cared for by Jarret, an enslaved man. Along with Jarret the story is told by a scientist named Jess, an art student named Theo, as well as others.

I recommend it for anyone who likes horses, history, and long books.

We talked about some BVR Ways—including following headphone use, managing laptops, and external doors at BVR. We showed videos to highlight The BVR Way.


It’s time to sign up for Winter Afternoon Activities. The sign-up form will be sent to families and students tomorrow. Winter Afternoon Activities begin Monday, November 6.

Options include:

  • Girls Basketball
  • Boys Basketball
  • Wrestling (all-gender)
  • Fencing (all-gender)
  • Ice Hockey (all-gender)
  • BVRFitness
  • Visual Art Workshop
  • Winter Musical: Acting
  • Winter Musical: Technical Theater
  • Innovation Lab
  • We also are collecting information about students who might want to participate in Upper School Squash and Upper School Swimming and Diving.

A few things to remember when completing the form:

  • All students must participate in at least one physical fitness activity during the year (team sports, BVRFitness, and dance all count toward the requirement)
  • Students can only be in BVRFitness and Visual Art Workshop once a year.
  • Students are not guaranteed their first choice, but CK and Ms. Hollos always do their best to make sure everyone has a great experience in their activity.
  • Right now, you are only signing up for winter afternoon activities. The form also lists the spring options, this is so you have the opportunity to think about what you might like to select in the spring.

The R+D team is soliciting student feedback. They are sending a survey to all Middle School students asking them what they like the most about the R-Level and the D-Level, as well as ways they would like to see those spaces improved.

Student Council president Reid Bugbee ’28 welcomed all the new members of Student Council and announced the first Student Council meeting happening today.

  • 8th Grade President: Reid Bugbee
  • 8th Grade Vice President: Addie Marsh
  • 8th Grade Representative: Joe Murphy
  • 7th Grade Representatives: Rishaan Chowdhury and Juliet Wasserman
  • 6th Grade Representatives: Olivia Smith and Alessandro Traverso

Joza Wang ’28 announced Mathletes is beginning this week.

Mathletes is a place where you can play with math. Come do math puzzles and games, and if you’d like, participate in math competitions. Mathletes will meet on Fridays in Ms. Bell’s classroom.

Student Body Advisory Council (SBAC) is still accepting applications. Students can apply to be a part of this group that meets monthly to make Beaver better. An application was emailed to students today.

Speech and Debate starts tomorrow. Six students are participating:

  • Elliot Fayne ’30
  • Arionna Higgins ’30
  • Olivia Smith ’30
  • Camille Torres-Vega ’29
  • Alessandro Traverso ’30
  • Aaron Westerling ’28



This week’s advisory agenda: Talking about our names. Names can hold personal, cultural, and family connections that are important to our identity. Each of our names carries importance and is a core part of who we are.

Today’s RISE activity was making fall mason jar lanterns. Through fun activities, students learn how to deal with stress and worry.

This week’s home games:

Flag Football vs. Shady Hill – 3:45 p.m. Lower Field
Volleyball vs. Shady Hill – 3:45 p.m. Gym B
Field Hockey vs. Winsor – 3:45 p.m. Upper Field

Check out the athletic schedules on the BVR website.


Wellness classes this week:

  • Thursday: Humanities 6.1 at 8:50 a.m.
  • Humanities 6.2 met yesterday

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