Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month, Beaver! 

Members of the Latinx Affinity Group, Camila Aguilera-Steinert ’24 and Wilmer Garcia Cortez ‘24, took time at an Upper School meeting to acknowledge the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month. Both students shared details about the history of the month-long celebration and what it means to them personally.

“Hispanic Heritage Month provides cultures of the same Hispanic background as me, a way to celebrate their history and progress as a country,” Wilmer said. “The sacrifices made to gain independence create heroes and influence me to succeed every day.”

Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated from September 15 through October 15. It recognizes the independence of many countries in Latin America in addition to the momentous contributions Hispanic/Latinx individuals have made to progress the myriad cultures and diverse identities.

Acknowledging and celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month as a school community is an opportunity for our students to see their rich cultural backgrounds honored and foster a sense of belonging.

-Aviel Valenzuela, US Spanish & Latinx Affinity Group advisor

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