BVR Leadership Institute: Social Media & Changemaking

Middle school students participated in a BVR Leadership workshop this week centered around leveraging your creativity and social media presence for change and justice. The BVR Leadership Institute is hosted by the Hiatt Center once a month and is open to all Middle School students.

Social Media & Changemaking, the seventh workshop this year, was a chance for students to think critically about real-world issues and how they can take part in promoting change. Upper School students Rachel Altman, Kyla Sheedy-Goff and Teagan Fitzgerald started the workshop by sitting on a panel discussing their trajectory as leaders at Beaver, the causes they are passionate about, and the ups and downs of leading for change. The panelists also shared advice on how to protect your wellbeing as a changemaker and provided tips for Middle School students to keep in mind.

Following the panel, students formed small groups to brainstorm how a fictional community challenge could be addressed using social media. Drawing from experience, the Upper School panelists helped facilitate discussions in these small groups in order to reach solutions that can be carried over to the real world.

The next workshop, The Professional Changemaker, will take place on Monday, June 5. All Middle School students are invited to join!

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