Club Spotlight: Female Activists and Allies

Upper School
Club: Female Activists and Allies
Club Leaders: Teagan Fitzgerald ’24, Ella Cate ’24, Riley Mitchell ’24
Terms Running: Fall, Winter, Spring

Female Activists and Allies meet every week during the Upper School club block to share a space focused on uplifting women.

We create a safe space for discussion, we learn about influential women, and we try to implement positive change in our community.

-Club leaders

At each meeting, club members come together to brainstorm ways to make Beaver a more uplifting place for women. The club organized a Pink Out day on campus last semester to raise awareness about breast cancer and its impact. This semester, Female Activists and Allies hope to bring similar events to Beaver while continuing the conversations started last semester.

When asked what their favorite part of the club is, each club leader had a different response. Ella Cate ’24 pointed to the opportunities the club has created for the school.  For Riley Mitchell ’24, “building relationships with people across grades” is what means most. Teagan Fitzgerald mentioned faculty involvement in the club, which has proven to be a great way to gain new perspectives.

We are trying to teach club members about different influential women in our community and give a space to talk about any struggles and strengths.

-Ella Cate ’24

Female Activists and Allies are currently working on a collaborative slideshow that will showcase influential women in each club member’s life.

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