BVR Leadership Institute: The Science of Character-Shaping

Middle school students participated in a BVR Leadership workshop this week focused on increasing self-awareness about their emotions and behaviors. The BVR Leadership Institute is hosted by The Hiatt Center once a month and is open to all Middle School students to attend.

The Science of Character-Shaping, the third workshop this year, was a chance for students to take part in hands-on, interactive activities. These activities are designed to assist students in reflecting and learning about their skills and values as leaders. Once they identified areas of strength and a goal for growth, they used their area of growth to learn about the goal-setting process. As they move forward with the workshop in mind, they will hopefully improve in their leadership and change-making skills.

The next workshop, Social Justice and Change Making in 2022, will take place on Monday, December 12. All Middle School students are invited to join!

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