Beyond the Zoom: How the Middle School has stayed active this fall

BVR Fit kit for MS students

With the cancellation of team sports all over the country, schools have been challenged to redesign how their students can stay active. Physical fitness and mental wellbeing are essential towards keeping kids engaged and energized in the classroom now more than ever. The Beaver Middle School has tackled the need for fitness this fall by re-imagining BVRFit, athletics, and Afternoon Activities. As students log off their Zooms and Google Meets, the Middle School has stepped foot on Beaver’s turf yet again for a new—but different—season.

BVRFit gives students a break from their classes during lunch, competing in fitness challenges, participating in various team sports, and even hitting the trails at Dane Park!

Athletics give the students a space to work with coaches on developmental skills. Even Beaver’s own Jacquil Taylor ‘14 has jumped in on the action. Students get to play their favorite sports again: Soccer, Flag Football, Volleyball, Cross Country, Hockey, and Yoga/Mindfulness.

Afternoon Activities
The time to create and play does not just end at lunch—Afternoon Activities have been a hit, too! In addition to the returning activities, like the MS Fall Play, Visual Arts workshop, and Instrumental Ensemble, the Middle School added a few new activities, including cooking & baking, where students worked with Sage Dining, and Beaver Minecraft, where students worked on their own server to create unique Beaver-only space.


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