BVR Model UN takes on BUSUN 2020

Ten Beaver students participated in this year’s Brown University Simulation of the United Nations (BUSUN). Beaver has been attending this conference for the past few years, and this year, the conference was held virtually through Brown University. The students debated and collaborated with other students around the country on topics ranging from North Korea to the Facebook committee. 

The following students attended the conference:

Alice Molinsky ’23, Richard Murphy ’22, Ian Travis ’23, Theo Berenson ’23, Parick Berg ’23, Joseph Fandrey ’22, Will Fandrey ’24, Calvin Cirurgiao ’24, and Jack Botein ’23

Three Beaver students who won individual awards:

  • Patrick Berg ’23: Best Delegate
  • Ian Travis ’23: Outstanding Delegate
  • Jack Botein ’23: Outstanding delegate

What the experience was like:

 “I had an excellent BUSUN experience this year. I was very active in committee, passed two out of two of my resolutions, and motioned and gave speeches in all un mods and mods. I am very proud of myself.”  – Alice Molinsky ’23


 This was definitely my best committee to date. I wrote about eight directives/communiques and was a key sponsor on nearly every other directive. My crisis was simple, although super involved. About a third of all motions were mine, and I spoke in every mod and sometimes twice. Additionally I was a facilitator of most of the unmods, and overall I think I had a great relationship with the chair. – Patrick Berg ’23

The conference was a lot of fun, and it helped me understand the extent of the messy political situation in North Korea. – Ian Travis ’23

We are proud of all our students and we look forward to participating in more MUN conferences this year.” – Soumaya Ibourk , MUN faculty advisor

Congratulations to all who participated and attended!

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