A Simpler Time: MS Fall Play

A Simpler Time

The Beaver Country Day School Performing Arts Department presents

A Simpler Time

By Jonathan Dorf, Tyler Dwiggins, Claire Epstein, Kathryn Funkhouser, Patrick Greene, Mora V. Harris, Ian McWethy, Carrie McWethy (McCrossen) and Don Zolidis

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc.

Catch the live premiere on November 17, 2020.
Find the link and instructions here.


Marley: Skyler Montgomery
Taylor: Lauren Wagner
Chris: Colin Meagher

Medieval Medicine
Fendrel: Henry Diver
Winifred: Chloe Kaufman
Dr. Cornwallis: Nora Dies
Adelaide: Talia Wilk

Founding Fathers (Mothers)
Tom: Henry Diver
Alex: Aubrey Emmons
James: Liv Podgurski
Dolly: Sienna Proctor
Eliza: Leili Singer
Martha: Talia Wilk

Lady Washington
George: Aubrey Emmons
Martha: Leili Singer
Advisor: Sienna Proctor
Announcer #1: Wesley Todd
Announcer #2: Liv Podgurski
Eliza Hamilton: Siobhan Sullivan

Selfie Portrait
Agatha Chesterton Winthrop: Chloe Kaufman
Van der Crisp: Wesley Todd
Twig: Nora Dies
Younger Artist: Siobhan Sullivan


Kiernan Collins
Laura Friedman
Z Quinn Mercier
Sasha Mitchell
Xavier Sanchez
Logan Spector
Samuel Steere


Director: Ms. Sara O’Toole
Technical Director: Mr. Kenny Burt
Costume Design/Construction: Ms. Bethany Eddy
Producer: Ms. Tina Farrell
Assistant Technical Director: Mr. Matthew Ciommo
Theater Intern: Ms. Raven Bouvier


Choosing a script for the fall play is usually a straightforward process; we consider cast size, show length, design possibilities, and what feels like the best ‘fit’. This year was, of course, very different. Would we be rehearsing and performing virtually? In person? A combination of both? What could we actually achieve with design? Could actors express themselves with masks on? What content feels like a good choice given the uncertainty we are all feeling? These questions permeated for a while, many plays were read, and A Simpler Time was clearly the right choice for this year.

On the surface, it’s simple and fun—three middle schoolers traveling in a low-budget time machine to find an easier time in which to live, and on their journey encountering slightly alternate versions of historical eras and events. We see a surprising outcome to a medieval arranged marriage, the founding fathers arguing over the Constitution, George Washington pondering what to wear to his inauguration, and a very long Georgian portrait session. But at its heart, this play also explores (with humor!) gender roles, societal expectations, and governmental power – which feels very relevant right now.

As you watch, you’ll notice that this is a different theatrical experience than you are probably accustomed to—and in fact, the first time that we have created a show like this in the middle school. Not a ‘simple’ process, but a worthwhile one – and exactly right for this moment in time!

— Sara O’Toole


Tiffany Smith, Ann Bevan Hollos, Lisa Trask, Bianca Weiland, Jaclyn Tancreti, Linda Feeley, Terri Flannery, Derek Christiansen, Timothy Sullivan, and OunceIT.

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