BVR academics: Re-imagining The First Storyteller

The First Storyteller 7th grade english

Class: English
Grade: 7th Grade
Teacher: Jon Greenberg

A staple of 7th Grade English, The First Storyteller project students are asked the question: “What is a story?” and “Why are stories important?”

Students uncover the answers by designing and building time machines to “visit” the first storyteller. Using the supplies in the Materials Library as well as any equipment on the Design Level (3D printer, laser cutter, etc.) and at home, students (1) made time machines that looked like they would work; (2) created a documentary film on the process; and (3) wrote a story imagining the first story.

This year’s circumstances meant students worked on individual components on their own and then came together—both online and on campus—to collaborate on the finished products.

Why time machines? Reading a book is like traveling through time. Whenever you read a book you’re transported to a different time and place. — Jon Greenberg

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