Students organized, moderated virtual panel with candidates running to represent the MA Fourth Congressional District

Beaver student Logan Rabe, panel moderator

Written by Zoe Falkson & Adam Drizen, BVR Marketing Interns

On Wednesday, May 27, Beaver students and faculty joined four candidates running for election to represent the Massachusetts Fourth Congressional District in a virtual panel. Organized by Isabella Brooke ’20 and moderated by Logan Rabe ’22, the purpose of the event was to give Beaver students the opportunity to converse with and ask questions to the congressional candidates, as well as to learn more about the local election process and issues our government is tackling.

Alan Khazei, Natalia Linos, Nick Matthew, and Jesse Mermell are four of twelve candidates running to replace Joe Kennedy III this year. This panel was a great opportunity for students to have candid conversations with people who have enacted real change within our communities and who are continuing to do so.

In my classes at Beaver, we always looked into the root causes of problems and it was such a privilege to be a part of bringing everything full circle. I hope everyone realizes what an amazing opportunity it was to speak with such influential people, especially in a time of such injustice. Our country and state need elected officials to step up and really make the needed change. I hope those who attended the event now understand the importance of learning about those running for public office and the importance of getting involved and advocacy.

— Isabella Brooke ’20, event organizer

The panel began with each candidate introducing themselves and their goals. This was followed by questions generated by students:

  • Do you support tax cuts, specifically for small businesses during COVID-19?
  • Due to COVID 19, people are struggling financially. How do you plan to address this?
  • What actions would you take to improve our region’s transportation systems?
  • What are the main issues you would like to focus on as your time as a representative?

Each candidate brought different perspectives, experiences, and ideas to the discussion. The election is currently set to take place November 3 of this year, when citizens of parts of Bristol, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, and Worcester counties can vote for their candidate of choice. Beaver Country Day School is located within this district and many Beaver students and families will be voting in this election.

I had a great time moderating the panel. It was also a new experience. For the first time, politicians were taking instructions from me rather than the other way around. I hope viewers left the panel with a greater understanding of this election and enthusiastic to get involved in the political process.

— Logan Rabe’22, event moderator 

Watch the full panel below:

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