BVR Model UN receives Best Delegation for fourth year in a row

We’re excited to announce Beaver has won the Best Delegation Award at the Boston University Invitational Conference (BosMUN) for the fourth consecutive year!

On Friday our students – advised by Sumaya Ibourk and Randall Northrop – attended the three-day conference at the Park Plaza Hotel. Students debated and worked together on various topics to compromise and come up with creative solutions for world issues today.

In addition, 10 of the 12 Beaver students who attended also won individual awards:

Best Delegate
Ryan McClennen
Aidan Berg

Outstanding Delegate
Zack Taylor
Cam Ventura
Henry Tsai

Honorable Mention
Sumaya Ibrahim

Verbal Commendation
Philippe Izedian
Seamus Buckley
Ronan O’Callaghan
Max Robins

The 12 student delegates who participated at the conference: Zack Taylor ’18, Ryan McClennen’18, Cam Ventura ’19, Seamus Buckley ’19, Ronan O’Callaghan ’19, Philippe Izedian ’19, Alex Jin ’19, Aidan Berg ’20, Max Robins ’20, Sumaya Ibrahim ’20, Olivia D’Alessandro ’20, Henry Tsai ’20

Congratulations to all delegates for a job well done!

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