Meet the fall 2013 student CEOs and their teams

From idea spotting to the business plan and marketing strategy to the pitch, students in Beaver’s entrepreneurship elective have spent the term learning the different facets of what being an entrepreneur means. They have also had the opportunity  to hear from an impressive group of guest speakers from the entrepreneur and venture capitalist world. In the midst of it all, students developed their own ideas for a new and innovative company, one that will make a positive impact on an industry or on society and also be driven by profit, and developed pitches delivered to the class.

The following four ideas, each led by a student CEO, will be pitched to a panel of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs at the end of the term.

Joe-ChafkinCEO: Joe Chafkin
Company: Reci.p
Team members: Riley Nelson, Mandy Gordon, Devon Mannion
The pitch: Ever wonder how you could make your home cooking experience simpler? With Reci.p, you can: in one click, you can download a recipe directly to your computer. Two clicks, and the ingredients to that recipe are purchased, bagged, and on the way to your house. Reci.p is a network that provides recipes for all occasions and connects people who are passionate about food. Viewers are able to submit their own recipes in exchange for cash and find hidden gems other users have posted. Fun, fast, and always free — cooks young and old will love Reci.p.

Every day, I come home exhausted after work only to be greeted by three hungry mouths (my husband and two sons). Cooking can feel like such a burden sometimes, but Reci.p would make it fun again! 

— Samantha Q., Watertown MA

isabelCEO: Isabel Hechavarria
Company: Even Swimwear
Team members: Anny Arias, Noel Hoyt, Samantha White
The pitch: Even Swimwear is a new concept that will change the swimwear industry. Our product uses a fabric which allows UV rays to penetrate through the suit and gives a sun-kissed and even tan, without those hideous and inconvenient tan lines. With multiple designs to choose from, every woman will be able to find the perfect suit. We want women to feel beautiful and look “nudiful” everyday.

Every time I go to the beach, I am always worried about the awkward tan lines I will leave with. I try to hide from the sun, but when I decide to take a walk down the beach, or go for a swim, I always end up with the sun beaming on my back and shoulders leaving out certain areas of my body. With Even Swimwear, I do not have to worry about an uneven skin tone and can finally get that perfect tan.

george-wrightCEO: George Wright
Company: Vita Sole
Team members: Julia Rudyak, David Price
The pitch: Vita Sole is footwear technology that will indicate wear on soles of running shoes so the risk of injury is minimized. Crafted from a thin, colored, flexible piece of rubber, Vita Sole will indicate when a runner needs a new pair of shoes. It will reduce the risk of injury, eliminate the need for mileage journals, increase shoe sales at sporting goods stores, all while generating a profit.

As a runner, it’s extremely difficult to discern when I need a new pair of running shoes. During my freshman year, I severely injured my knee sidelining me for multiple weeks. After buying a new pair of shoes, I realized my knee injury was the result of running in worn shoes that no longer offered adequate support. Vita Sole could have prevented my injury and will continue to prevent future injuries among runners.

jack-leffelCEO: Jack Leffel
Team members: Sydney Gad, Silmar Bueno, Josh Berland
Company: Pete’s Treats Krackers
The pitch: Pete’s Treats Krackers are a new healthy and organic snack; ready to fill the growing gap in the snack food industry. Made from oyster crackers, garlic, vegetable oil, and few other organic items. With 99 percent of people
snacking everyday and 87 percent wishing to indulge in healthier options, Americans deserves a healthier alternative snack different from the hundreds of junk-food options they have every day. Pete’s Treats Krackers is the solution.

Growing up in the small farming town of Windsor, N.C. my Grandma Pete prided herself on her delicious and healthy cracker recipe. One of my favorite parts of visiting her was sharing delicious homemade crackers. When she passed away, I took it upon myself to share her gift with the world.

ben-hicksCEO: Ben Hicks
Company: SkyPal
Team members: Liza Howard, Tyler DeLuca
The pitch: Provides refuge from the loud, crowded, unhygienic environment of modern day air travel. This sleek tasteful design easily fits into any carry on or purse and can be installed in just seconds. Our Smart Fabric drapes between you and your surroundings, giving you the privacy and comfort of your own personal room.

SkyPal is a sleek, intelligent design that offers the benefits of a first class ticket without the high price.

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