Meet the 2013 student CEOs and their teams

From idea spotting to the business plan and marketing strategy to the pitch, students in Beaver’s entrepreneurship elective have spent the term learning the different facets of what being an entrepreneur means. They have also had the opportunity  to hear from an impressive group of guest speakers from the entrepreneur and venture capitalist world.

In the midst of it all, students developed their own ideas for a new and innovative company, one that will make a positive impact on an industry or on society and also be driven by profit, and developed pitches delivered to the class.

The following four ideas, each led by a student CEO, will be pitched to a panel of venture capitalists and entrepreneurs at the end of the term.

adam-brownCEO: Adam Brown
Team members: Chris Smith, Kyle Fox, Maria Zecca
Company: FirstCar
FirstCar is a online search tool for teenagers looking to get their first car. There has always been struggle between parents and kids when it comes to getting a car and FirstCar will mediate that issue by finding a perfect match based on a set of criteria input by the user, doing the heavy lifting of research and even helping you craft the pitch you’ll need to make to your parents.

I’ve struggled to find an affordable working car for years and I think First Car will help tons of teens with problems just like me. Working with cars is another plus for me because I end up doing this in my free time anyway!


nolan-flahertyCEO: Nolan Flaherty
Team members: Sarah Dinaburg, Kianna Gousby, Desmond Mahoney
Company: coLAB
coLAB is a concept that looks to combine the productivity of a working environment with the comfort of a coffee house. Think of it as a collaboration space that offers people from entrepreneurs to students to companies a comfortable space that can be rented by the hour, week, or even month to grow their idea, business, or venture.

I find coLAB to be an important idea because in the age of interaction behind a screen, peer to peer collaboration can yield great results.


alex-grosmanCEO: Alex Gosman
Team members: Henry Floyd, Harry Polstein
Company: PoopClip
“The PoopClip is an innovative product that will allow you to clip your dog’s poop bag onto a dog leash. One hand will be free, and the disgust factor will be eliminated. On the market, and including major pet supply stores like Petco, and PetSmart, there is not a product like the PoopClip. My product will allow the dog walker to multi-task, while having one hand on the dog leash, and the other hand holding a smartphone or another object.

To keep up with the increasingly fast pace of life, you need as many free hands as possible. The PoopClip takes a common two handed task among dog owners and makes it a one handed task. Turn those 30 minute dog walks into a time in which you can respond to an email, call/text a friend, or enjoy a beverage.


stevenCEO: Steven Manwaring
Team members: Jonathan Marsh, Reilly McDonnell, Sam Bachrach
Company: School Cafe
School Cafe Inc. offers alternatives to the unhealthy packaged snack foods found in many school vending machines. Our company specializes in operating and managing small privately owned cafés in private middle schools and high schools across the country. School Cafe Inc. covers all expenses related to building, stocking and operating the cafes. The school simply provides space for the cafe. School Cafe Inc. keeps eighty-five percent of the net profits earned, with the remainder going to the school. The school, its students, and School Cafe Inc. all profit.

I am excited about SchoolCafe because it will allow students to buy fresh, healthy foods that they can feel good about eating. I’m always looking for good snacks to eat, and I can never find them when I’m at school.

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