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Chris Jones ’87, Principal, Design Engineering and Strategy, Hot Studio

On what he’s most proud of:

  • Playing a role in developing the Internet. “I’m proud to have been a part of the initial rollout of the Internet, helping to brand Netscape and design Etrade.
  • Having my own design studio. “Now my team designs strategies to help companies navigate emerging technologies and grow their business.”
  • The teams I’ve built over time. “We have a group of engineers who are superstars in their abilities. They’re really creative and pushing the envelope.”

On his Beaver experience:
“My fine arts work and experience with technology at Beaver formed the basis for my career. But it was more than learning information and skills — it was learning how to think through a subject in a creative way and understand how it applies to the world around us.”

Advice to Beaver students:
“Really think about what you’re really good at — and look broadly at where opportunities are for that attribute. Don’t be limited by traditional models of what a career can be. Know your strengths, be honest about that, and develop that over time.”

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